Low Risk Fund Allocation Strategy In Cryptocurrency Trading

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Low Risk Fund Allocation Strategy In Cryptocurrency Trading :

Keep 10% in Bitcoin
Keep 10% in Ethereum
Keep 10% in Litecoin
Keep 40% in Top Picked Altcoins
Keep 20% for ICO
Keep 10% for Daily Trading

Your 90% fund should be kept for 3-6 months investment and trade only with 10% for be on safe side always. Good luck.


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Really interesting allocation! Definitely taking a look over my own portfolio!

Good luck...😁

Good strategy I think. Upvoted.



I really like this idea!

I would keep more in bitcoin. Remember that beside bitcoin and maybe Etherum most of your portfolio is in unproven coins with low market caps. I would consider this an aggressive portfolio.

Interesting perspective!

quick and to the point. like it

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