BLOCKCHAIN: Welcome to Planet Prison!

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

adam warren ashley chapleau

Cryptocurrency may be a decentralized market but who controls the blockchain technology?

Who is developing the standards for all this code that comes with creating ethereum and alt coins does the public understand what open source means will they even care?

The general public is so conditioned to doing whatever they are told its going to be a simple conquest. whoever has been behind the development of blockchain tech from the beginning will soon be the power that officially controls the entire globe!


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Omg u just got done talking about this an how ur being ignant!

u bein IGNANT!

hha seriously tho NOONE cntrols the blockchainthats the whole point!

and we ALREADY ARE oncentralized prison planet control grids!

its like you people complain about angels coming to save you from hell because the angel is hurting your arm as its LIFTING you out of hell..and you all go "I dont like this angel hes URTing my ARM and im gonna file a REPORt with God up in heaven when I get there" ad its like this angel is liftiing you OUT of the DEPTHS of hell where you were TOTALY enslaves to the Zionist federal reserrve bbank of radical jewish control and domintion over everone .......and bitcoin cmes around and u fall for all the negatiive proess mae up BY the bankesr who are making ter OWN private bllockchains to hold thir own money but noone will want it and theyll realize they cant reinvent teh wheel

if they try to take over bitcoin mining we will all switch to a different coin1

I still upvoted and I still liked an followed


It's called the Blockchain for a reason. Chains that control.
Stock Market crash in 2008. Bitcoin released in 2009.

By supporting their agenda, you will become a Millionaire.
Yet they do not want the public to buy in until it is too late.