Excited to announce the first official AMA with Asura Coin — Monday April 23rd 9:00am CET

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The Asura Team is proud to announce the first Official ASURA COIN AMA on April 23rd at 9am Central European Time. We would like to invite you all to join us on the NEO Subreddit to ask us anything you’d like.
Submit your questions here!

A quick introduction to Asura

Asura World is a platform tailored specifically to eSport followers, enthusiasts and players: By focusing purely on retention, the level of immersion within the gaming community is greatly enhanced. This includes more in-depth & gaming-orientated betting rules that appeal more to gamers than traditional betting does, as well as allowing the community to create and vote for their own custom betting rules.

An all-in-one platform: Asura World doesn’t cover just one corner of the competitive gaming world, it brings all your gaming needs to your fingertips: Betting, live-streaming, tournament hosting, community matchmaking, pro guides, and a community center are just the beginning of Asura World.

One token to rule them all: The ASA Coin is the sole currency within the Asura World platform. ASA is used for everything from betting, to paying for tournament hosting. Wage it against other players in a “Player vs Player” or “Team vs Team” game, reward other users for their community content and pay for access to guides and professional content. No more switching between platforms and currencies for your gaming needs — Asura World has it all under one roof!

Hosts of AMA will include:

Peter Shen — CEO / Co-Founder of Asura World
Eman Abdollahi — COO / Co-Founder of Asura World
Haoyang Feng — CTO / Technical Lead Developer of Asura World

Everything you need to know

hTe Asura team will be answering the most voted questions in this reddit thread
AMA date and time — April 23rd at 9am Central European Time and will run for two hours
Asura Coin website — https://asuracoin.io
Best way to reach us until the AMA event — https://t.me/asuracoin

We politely request that you:

Do not reply to questions by other users
Ask a maximum of two questions per post

Thank you

The Asura Team!

Join and share our social media links:
Website: https://www.asuracoin.io
Telegram: https://t.me/AsuraCoin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/asuracoin
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AsuraCoin/


A gaming platform for gamers. This will be the biggest evolution in the eSporting cryptofield.

This is a good concept and I really like how this project is presented, so the website looks very good so I predict that the project will attract many investors.

Thank you for sharing information about the Asura project events. one of the best projects in my portfolio for cryptocurrency. I think number of investors will get together right here.

I already asked two questions, but have many more. This is a great project, good investment. I will be there for the AMA...

Now is a great opportunity to have your questions answered to find out more great things about AsuraCoin!! Only a few days left for whitelist!!

nice to hear that asuracoin has scheduled AMA to answer all our project related queries along with sharing more information about the different phases of this projects which give clear picture of what asuracoin is doing to contribute in eSports :)

This is one for every gamer to look out for - a great, high quality project that for esports. And it's based on the NEO platform with gives it an added advantage. Exciting times ahead for sure.

Asura is very good project. It is revolutionary Esport community platform. It's based neo token. The NEO's blockchain allows it to be fully protected and decentralized.

Great opportunity to ask all your question about this exciting new gaming platform. Be sure to mark this in your calendar.

In particular, you have noted the two largest community of games Dota2 and CS:GO. Are there already some developments and contacts with people from specified gaming communities? How will you find common ground with other gaming communities?

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