Community Appreciation Airdrop + Battle Royale Announcement

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To show our appreciation to the amazing community we have built and continue to work with, we are delighted to announce a 10% bonus airdrop for all ASA token purchases made before June 20th 2018.

In order to receive this 10% bonus airdrop, all you need to do is purchase a minimum of 1 NEO before June 20th 2018 (11pm CET). The bonus ASA will be deposited into all the NEO wallets that have contributed to our token sale within 10 working days after September 30th 2018.

(Note the 10% Airdrop bonus is based of 1 NEO = 5000 ASA. You will receive 500 ASA for each NEO contributed in our token sale)
*regardless of the Bonus you may have received during your initial contribution

If you have already purchased ASA tokens during our token sale, you will automatically be eligible for the bonus 10% airdrop.

Thank you to all our early adopters for your support. We are striving every day to create a supportive and friendly community for all gamers and thank you for participating in our token sale.

Battle Royale announcement

Let’s face it, in a short space of time, Battle Royale games have become big business and there is a rapidly growing eSports scene to match.

With this in mind, the Asura World team is excited to announce the addition of PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) and Fortnite to our portfolio!

For anyone who has taken a short break from gaming, the following statistics may surprise you:

  • Fortnite’s monthly player count has topped 40 million! — Making it “the 31st largest country in the world.” (1)
  • The PUBG Global Invitational 2018 will take place July 25–29 with a $2 million dollar prize pool (2)

This growth is amazing for eSports and the gaming community as a whole. Asura are excited to offer the Fortnite and PUBG communities the following:

  • Stable, regular tournaments
  • Customizable and exciting betting rules like you have never seen before.
  • Tamper-proof — all in one gaming platform powered by NEO smart contracts

We look forward to working with all streamers, content creators and eSports enthusiasts within these Battle Royale games to grow the Asura World Platform from launch.

Thank you to all our community for your help in giving ideas and feedback for the future of the Asura World Platform. We are listening!

AVOID SCAMS: We’ll never PM/DM you or ask you to transfer funds!
Be smart! Be safe!

If you have any questions, please join our Telegram Channel and contact one of our admins.

For more information on the Asura Coin ICO



Don't forget that this project is on NEO blockchain!
(And the investors can also earn a +10% bonus.)
Been following this project from the start , the team is fantastic, and here i could say that this is a big WOW after all, for me! ;)

It's really a great opportunity for people who have not yet attended.dont miss this chance guys.There is a bright future for this program.

To add these two battle royale styled games is a great move, it could be huge to get Asuracoin introduced to such big number of players. Keep up the good work, I hope you bring us closer to the mass adoption of crypto.

This is an excellent cooperation that can lead to a common good and a lot of money!

I like your project. Do I need to apply for whitelist to receive a bonus?

This is an amazing opportunity for everyone... Great news and thanks Asura Coin

10% bonus airdrop for all ASA token purchases made before June 20, 2018. Investors are a huge opportunity. hurry up

I got to say... This NEO projects are awesome!
What a great giveaway! 10% more ASA is an awesome Airdrop. And you still have more than a week to participate.
This has a huge future! Online games are growing at a fast pace, multibillion dollar market.

This is a very generous attitude. It's a great way to show confidence in the community. I think Asura will be successful in the ICO that altought during a bad period of the market. The soft cap is not far away, it's a project that can handle it.

The Asura team is very generous about distributing bounties. Battle Royale is a new energy for the Asura platform. Everything is great!

Great decision by mangement team to reward early investors and keep higher percentage of supply with us. Future is bright for eSports giant @AsuraCoin in the first-of-its-kind platform!

This is really neat, perfect for those who missed the first two stages and didn't get a bonus there, they now can still get a 10% bonus on their investments.

The idea of a gaming community is not new. But Asura makes unique offers for e-sports fans. It's tournaments and exciting betting rules, and tamper-proof.

This is gonna be awesome. Good move by team #Asura

All of the investors have enough time to invest in Asuracoin. Asura project gained huge investor popularity in a very short period. So Asuracoin project has big potential. No one has to be afraid to invest.

Strongly recommend you guys to invest on this project. Read whitepaper and decide yourself! I'm in the project. Gaming life forever!

Nice bonus and all that you have to do to claim it is purchase 1 Neo worth of ASA tokens before the 20th of June. Better do it now in case you forget.

Very nice way to promote the ICO of the wonderful project. Who don't want to have some free tokens.

I'm very happy for the announcement. Surely I will take advantage of this opportunity to get 10% free of tokens! Thank you!

Thanks the project @AsuraCoin, which, despite the current depressive situation of the market Crypto currency, has perfectly organized Token Sale and additionally provided an airdrop bonus!

The project is putting its community of great supporters first, and this is the best way to appreciate them, also this will help engage potential contributors who are still preparing to be part of the great idea to take eSport to a whole new perspective.

This is great! 10% bonus airdrop for all ASA token purchases! This should help attract more investors during the final stage of the ICO.Good decision by the team.

Asura project is really into taking care of its loyal community. The project itself (Asura World) provides some key features for its community, in terms of sharing knowledge, official tournaments, community matchmaking, community voted rules, etc. These are very important to retain as well as attract users to the platform. In this time of the crowd sale it is very smart of the team to provide an incentive to investors who make early contributions!

I believe in the idea of this project! Thanks to a cool team of professionals, this project will undoubtedly be a great success!

#Asura World team get fierily searched the competitory play stands currently available and unearthed that all things is unconnected each above the net

This time our investors have a very big opportunity. They can have 10% more as a gift. Asuracoin always thinks about their investors. this is another proof for it. our other community members still have the chance to get benefits of this great project.
Not only that, adding PUBG and Fortnite will be very big help for the project. these became very popular in present days. And PUBG and Fortnite players can have benefits of new features in the Asuracoin platform

Great news for Asura investors. waiting excitedly for the next news. It will be stable in crypto world with this great idea and growing community.

Been following this project for a while and the team is very professional, a very exciting project right in the middle of two rapidly expanding industries blockchain and esports, truly immense potential

While Asura provides guidance for new players in the game world, many other tournaments are held in other players. You can also watch live games and make bets.

Great news, i need to buy more tokens in honor of the action, thank you ! :)

Congrats on the success of royal battle, AsuraCoin is another great blockchain project that would thrive in the esport market.

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New successful project have already started, a great reason to invest

Wow! Great news from your current project! 10% is a big bonus for such a promising coin as ASA!

this project is indeed exactly what we need to increase adoption. This will push forward the development in the crypto space and also increase the total market cap from which we'll all benefit.

Wow, now this is an exciting news for gamers. I am a gamer and a big fan of battle royale games too. Am eagerly waiting to see how the project performs in the future. Good luck team.

I'm a gamer too. I play since childhood. The Fortnite's statistics are impressive... $2 million dollar prize pool is amazing.

PUBG and Fortnite are the most popular games in gaming industry. Addition of PUBG and Fortnite to Asura project will get huge attraction from gaming community and it will help a lot to improve Asura project.

Good news. I m happy to get 10% more as airdrop. I think I ll contribute more indeed.

Today I met with beautiful announcements. Asura coin token sales continue and everything is going very well. I think it will be even better. Because it's a really nice crew and a good project, Asura. Future will be more beautiful with asura.

Loving the positive sentiment surrounding Asura with them hitting and softcap and stream of great announcements like this. And then the 10% community airdrop - what a great initiative by team Asura! I'll surely be jumping on to this train and getting my extra 10% bonus. Now on the hard cap, which I'm sure will get there quite soon.

Great news, i think over the last 5 days there has been a steady stream of great announcements maded by ASURA, but this just that extra icing on the cake, its unbelievable to think that i will now get another 10% bonus on top of the 100$ NEO peg and the initial 2 day bonus as well.

You gotta participate on this huge airdrop, it's worth it! You'll enjoy this game while earning Asura coin! Recommended to all gamers out there, you'll love this!

You have only a very short time to win this bonus. So hurry and book your seat #asura

This is a great opportunity for all investors. 10% airdrop bonus with just 1 neo. Asura team is doing a great job to reach their goal. Congrats

All of the investors have enough time to invest in Asuracoin. Asura project gained huge investor popularity in a very short period.
It's really a great opportunity for people who have not yet attended.dont miss this chance guys.There is a bright future for this program.

Community airdrp thats a nice one coming from Asura, and 20th is alteady around the corner. Dont miss this opportunity to get more Asa token, and i you dont have do get one before 20th. Solid project indeed. Good luck

This is a very interesting project! I believe that this business will be successful and profitable for both investors and participants. I think the platform has a better future. 😘 #asuracoin

good project,it is very fantastic to hear this news,though i like gaming.

Excellent news I m happy to get 10% more as airdrop. I think I ll contribute more indeed.really a great opportunity for people who have not yet attended

Wow Super. Yaya bought ASA tokens. Thank you very much for such good promotions. I hope to have time to buy even more tokens to get even more free tokens)))

I believe in this platform and I wish successes to myself and other participants! When the company's management analyzes the research and shares it with its participants .The policy of openness has always helped to strengthen and grow the community.

Wow! How great, i dnt think anybody should miss out on this airdrop oppportunity. Thanks to ASURA for having the community at heart, it goes to show unique the project is.

Asura is great project at today's crypto currency market. guys don't miss this valuable opportunity to get the airdrop. you have only few days for it. Guys still you have time to get this valuable benefit.

A 10% airdrop for token investors is great. It really shows that Asura Coin support their investors and really restores the confidence in investors during this bearish market.

Adding Fortnite and Pubg were great selections as well. Fortnite has experienced explosive growth. I can't recall too many games that have done so. Imagine all of the gamers who make micro bets with their friends with Asura Coin. Once a couple of these make money with Fortnite, the growth of Asura Coin will be exponential due to the nature of word of mouth. Asura Coin will spread massively among the entire Fortnite and pubg community.

Asura Coin ICO is very promising ICO for now. Worth to invest in it.Great project with good dev team.This project can go toward in this crypto world easily. An open opportunity for everyone to be part of the this project,a project different from other projects

Visually, everything looks very nice. Marketing is an important component of success in promoting a product to the crypto market. The Asura project is all right. I wish you success in the future!

I like that your team is traveling all around the world to spread the Asuracoin project! Keep it this way and you will achieve all your goals! Amazing! This project cares and advises their users very much. it's so wonderful #Asuracoin

The NEO Blockchain based project have always been community engaging. That is one of their outstanding attributes and one in which Asura coin is part of and doing the best for its community too. This will earn the project more willing minds and will give the project its required public awareness.

It remains not long to wait until all people will live in conditions of widespread blockchain. The Internet will also be on the blockchain. The Asura project is one of the projects I believe in. It will change the existing order in the eSports industry.

This project and team are awesome!!
What a great idea!! Related to the concept, helping people, growing community with a challenge.
This is great, Asuracoin community is growing day to day.

Great opportunity to the investors and also this will attract more investors to the project. No one should miss this huge Airdrop.

that's great guys ! community likes airdrops. and 10 % it's quite lot's ) thank you one more time.

Don't miss.This eSports platform will help all the gamers in the world. The project is created with NEO blockchain. The asura platform has a good future.

Awesome news from the AsuraCoin team. 10% is a big advantage considering the number of coins being airdropped. Go for it!

Asuracoin has all the features to be one of the leaders in the crypto world if it meets all requirements, I implore investors to support this project.

Great News indeed. Do not miss out the 10% Airdrop opportunity given by AsuraCoin as in the future we will not have as good as this offer.
Also the two biggest and hottest game in the world are now in Asura World.
Congratulation to this another milestone.

Join now before its too late guys. This project is so amazing and its gonna be so huge

Asura World does not take any margins from content creators, this is also to encourage content creators to stay with Asura World and continue creating high quality guides.

i could not be more surprised with the battle royale campaign! great job from the marketing team!!

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