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This article is my personal thoughts. Invest only according to your own idea and only as much as you can lose. I was looking for a project whose price dropped so much that it was possible to make high-percentage profits at the next bubble in the cryptocurrency market. Why did I choose GAME? I invite you to read.


As you know, you can make big profits on little-known cryptocurrencies, but you should pay attention to certain things. The selected cryptocurrency has to be very cheap compared to its maximum price. It must be on several exchanges, because if it is only on one, there is a risk that the project will be removed from the exchange and then we will lose everything. Of course, this must be a cryptocurrency with a blockchain running and not being a scam. I chose GAME.

The GameCredits Foundation

GameCredits (GAME)

GameCredits Block Explorer

GameCredits Twitter

It is quite an old project. It is not revolutionary, because it is a cryptocurrency built on the modified source code of the Litecoin currency. So he has a limited number of coins up to 84,000,000. The disadvantage of the project is the lack of official Whitepaper and only its substitute in the form Manifesto: https://gamecredits.org/manifesto/. Something is happening in the project and a plan for this year is being implemented. A gaming store is already available to buy for the GAME tokens.

GameCredits Gaming Store


This project from the bubble from 2017 lost a lot of value. GAME price in Bitcoin is currently over 200 times lower than the maximum value. From the maximum price in USD ($ 6.90), the price has dropped 75 times! That's why I decided to invest in this project now, believing that the price will not drop significantly. If there is another bubble in the cryptocurrency market, high GAME prices may come back. I decided to take a chance. I believe that it is better to be on this train and have a chance for big increases or lose than not be in it. Here are plans for the further development of the project for this year:


If you have suggestions for other projects whose price has dropped significantly, share them in the comments. I decided on GAME and I spent 0.1 BTC on it. Time will tell if it was a good decision.

Note: This article does not constitute investment advice.

Thank you for reading!


i do have some GAME but now im getting EXCL on the swap

Veil privacy coin is also a good coin, the price have corrected now gearing up for the next bull run

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Why should I buy GAME instead Bitcoin, which is connected with G2A? Or just using Lightning Network and other Gaming Shops

To earn on it at the bubble of altcoins in the future...

But if the Game goes up it means that every shitcoin goes up ...

For many people, altcoins are only to get as much BTC as possible. GAME can give big profit in percentage. Larger than many other altcoins. 50X is possible.

Apart from Steem and Gamecredits, another good investment will be on the Veil privacy coin. You can check it out too.

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I think this has to do with good research. There are opportunities on the space. I do go for good altcoins with great potential. I came across veil platform invested and made profits. I did research on veil and got to know the project is about privacy and the team were busy building the platform. I keyed in and made it. I am buying and still load more. You should make your own research. And thank me later.

Game is a nice one. Been following up on the project. Then again, Harmony and Veil are coming up too. These are the kind of potentials we need in the space.

Will suggest investing in altcoin and Veil privacy coin would be my pick