4 Strategies I Use for a Stronger Cryptocurrency Portfolio

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Following My Interests

This one is straightforward. I am interested in green tech, AI, scale-able solutions, workforce innovation, super computing, decentralization, and many other things. When something piques my interest, I want to support it, but I also want to know more about it. These are by far my most researched picks.


Numerai has been on my radar for quite a while and I was able to get in at a good position quickly because I had already done my research. I researched in depth because I like the project, not specifically for crypto trading purposes, and then purchased when it was launched and a price I was willing to pay. I have a few projects that I really like and I hold them long term. these are generally profitable soon after I purchase.

Hype Predictions

I follow the current events and try to get in 2 weeks prior to any major announcements. There is a lot of speculation in cryptocurrency trading, but people are worried about their daily trades and long term holds, so this mid length is underutilized. This time frame is the difference in getting in at 10k sats or 20k sats for a 50k sat peak. These are legitimate projects with growth potential but this portion of my portfolio is focused on the adage "buy the rumor, sell the news". I prefer to buy the whispers, profit on the rumors, and profit again on the news.


I knew Synereo had targeted the Qrator (renamed Wildspark) beta for June and verified it on 6/4, so as soon as there was a dip, I bought AMP. As the news got closer, the price rose steadily as other prepared to buy what was now a rumor.

Day Trading

The first thing I have to say about day trading is that sometimes the best trade is no trade. I utilize bots for my daily trading activity. They are focused on micro transactions of 2-3% gain with each buy/sell. My bots are custom coded and I monitor them constantly while running them. I do not subscribe to the CrockPot bot motto of "set it and forget it".

Buy Everything

The last strategy I use is the buy everything strategy, whenever I hear about a coin, I make sure it isn’t a scam (like onecoin) and immediately put a bit of money in it. If I heard about, others have as well, so it’s going to rise. I’ve never actually lost on this strategy but the gains aren’t consistent in the way that my long term, midterm, and day trading strategies are. This strategy is useful because it keeps me focused on the crypto world and I often come across new projects while researching.

Bonus: HODL Through the Hailstorm

While these strategies are honed by my 4 years in crypto, they may not work for you. There's a reason "HODL" is the only strategy of many people in the crypto world, and there's no shame in the HODL game. Chances are that with a diverse portfolio and a HODL strategy, you will make money.

Will any of my strategies help your crypto trading game? What strategies do you use that I haven't covered here?
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Oh my, I just came across a golden nugget post. Will definitely bookmark this one. :)

I'm glad you gained value from my post. :)

excellent article Ash! This should be a must-read to the CCC beginners group :)

Thanks John :) I actually write most of my stuff for people I'm helping 1 on 1 and then realize I should clean it up and post it for all.

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Nice article, good to see you on Steemit and welcome :)

You too :) Thank you!

hi, I am really enjoying your articles, and I am intrigued by trading Bots. Could you please share some resources where I can learn more on the matter? hope to hear, ciao!

Hype prediction is interesting, but hear the wishper is not easy for everybody.

Hi Ash,
Loving your articles but I would like to know where do you do your research for cryptos and how do you research a high potential crypto?

Would also like to know where you do your research.

I will post about this soon for you guys :)

Great! Looking forward to it!

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You need fiat or preferable BTC in reserve if you use the buy everything strategy.
I always have the problem that i see coin/project i like and the price is right, but don't have the resources to invest.

Nevertheless i only invest in coins/projects that i like personally, that i think have a future. that is my strategy.

My list:

All for long term! (probably missed a couple)