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Did you know that the founder of IOTA is Norwegian?
The Norwegian people are known for being honest and steady going.

 Norwegians are also very astute at business. 

This is reflected in the fact that the Norwegian Govt own approx 2% of the worlds Global Equities (yes that means they own 2% of the world) Their Sovereign Wealth Find is now valued at a staggering $96o billion. To put that into perspective, if they were to divide that it would mean every citizen of Norway (including children) would receive $180,000. You do not become that financially successful without knowing what you are doing.

Most likely you do not know about this unless you are involved in finance in some fashion. And the reason you do not know  this is simply because the Norwegian people do not like to shout or boast about their achievements. They prefer to let their actions to speak for them and for people to decided for themselves.
I dont know about you, but I kind of like that.

As I said, the original founder of IOTA, David Sønstebø, is Norwegian, and it comforts me to see that, he and his amazing team, are running the IOTA Foundation the way one would expect a Norwegian person to run it.
Steady, honest and with sharp business acumen.

As most of my followers know, I got divorced last year and married IOTA instead : )
I am invested in IOTA and  I am in it for the long term. I have to tell you guys, that when I see the caliber of the IOTA team, it sure helps me sleep at night. 

The way the Norwegian folk conduct business is reminds me of the famous Aesop´s Tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. IOTA being the Tortoise of course. However, it seems that in modern times, this Norwegian tortoise has rockets tied to it because IOTA are wasting no time in building a future.

How many times have I said, only invest in a CrytptoCoins
if it fills a need and it is actively working on its future?

After you finish reading this blog, if you are not convinced that IOTA is going to be a major player in tomorrow´s near future, then there is no hope for you. There are plenty of $h1t coins out there you can waste your money on.

OK let´s get into it. Have a look at this...

So what is this all about?
OK first of all we have to understand  what is IOTA trying to do?
You see, today, and in the immediate future, ALL electronic gadgets/machines, such as Fridges, Television sets, Radios, Cake mixers, computers, buses, lorries, cars and so on...will be made so that they automatically connect to the internet. That is why we call such electrical "things"  - the Internet Of Things - IoT
What IOTA realised was that all these IoT´s will be able to communicate with each other,
and if they can communicate with each other then they can also "pay" each other. Therefore there will be a "need" for some kind of "currency" (a coin) so that they can "pay" each other with.

Why would machines want to pay each other money?
Well here we have a classic example of how IOTA is fulfilling its own intentions.
This company, called Netobjex is blockchain based company  (Bitcoin has a blockchain, Steemit has a blockchain. all cryptocoins have a blockchain):
The Netobjex blockchain basically tracks electronic "things" wherever they are in the world. I dont want to go into this really  but if click on their website it has a great video which starts the moment you come on there and it pretty much is self explanatory.
Anyways, it seems that Netobjex have decided to IOTA as way for electric cars to "pay" for recharging. But it is ore than that,  the car will actually charge itself while it is still in motion. Can you see how fantastic that is?
Basically you will be driving your electric car and the the computer inside the car will see that its batteries need recharging. A little light will come on with a warning- right? So what do you do? Look for a recharging station, right? - Well what if there are special lanes in which you simply drive into and the road itself (using wireless technology) is designed to recharge the car while it is still in motion. But wait, how do I pay for the recharge bill while I am still driving? Well you dont need to even think about it because  the car does it itself, using the IOTA coin. Pure genius that is all I can say about that.

Other IOTA news - IOTA makes history in Germany

Whats that you say, you want more?
OK, well I saw this on twitter and wondered what it was all about.

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IOTA moving ahead step by step.

"More more!"   I hear you cry. Still not enough positive IOTA news?
OK what about this then......

............IOTA now being used by Pallet Making Company "SYTRAX"

Voice of skeptic: "Ah so what a little company that makes wooden pallets, big deal"
Reply: "er excuse me, this little company has their own jet planes"

Here is what Sytrax said about IOTA..."IOTA is the future of blockchain"

Look guys, all I am trying to say here is that, here we have a genuine player in the CryptoSpace. A team of brilliant people all dedicated to a common goal and a common dream. It is not only about making money, it is about building a new infrastructure in world moves as fast as a speeding hare. But in order to make that new foundation solid, it needs the steady wisdom of a tortoise.
Perhaps this could explain why IOTA seems to be the choice for discerning newbie investors.

Almost everyday in the CryptoSpace I hear of some poor "newbie" investor getting burned. Investing their hard earned money into some CryptoCurrency and then it gets pumped and dumped. Or an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that fails, is hacked, or is overpriced. It´s wild west out there.

In this unregulated CrytpoLand it pays to do your research.
And it seems that smart folk are doing just that and coming to the conclusion that the smart move it to invest in IOTA.  All Im saying is this; Be smart and act smart by investing in smart people
Dont be blinded by false promises of get rich quick schemes or false promises.
All you have to do is open you eyes and you will see their is a new vision.
It is right there in front of you. It´s called IOTA. 

Look, I am no hot shot programmer. I am no genius. I am just a humble artist. I am just a guy who has always had a love of technology. A love of innovation and new ideas.
I first read about IOTA a year before it came onto the market. I can even remember the exact moment.
I had gone to bed early. I was sat up in bed with my MacBook Pro and trawling the web. Some how I stumbled upon an article about IOTA. I have to tell you guys, I saw the vision immediately and it blew my mind. In that very instant I knew I wanted to be part of that vision. I jumped out of bed and ran into the living room to where my wife was sat chatting with a neighbour. "IOTA is amazing! It will be bigger than Bitcoin one day!" I shouted.
"Yes dear, but perhaps you had better put some clothed on"  She said.
It was then I realised I was naked. The poor neighbour did not know where to put her eyes.

But what could I do? A poor struggling artist.
Well I could do what anyone can do. I could invest what I could afford to invest.
By investing, I am making a proactive affirmation in my belief in the IOTA Foundation.
In other words, I am putting my money where my mouth is and being part of the dream.
I guess these guys (below) saw what I saw.

If you  are still skeptical then I will contact Jesus and ask him if he could come back and allow you to put your finger into his wound. If you are a believer, then I hope this post satisfied your hunger for IOTA news.
Lot more positive news to come next time...stay tune folks!

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A warm welcome back in advance 

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Hope to buy IOTA in recent future

@arthuradamson today's blog made me so emotional and angry(due to people's response on your amazing writing skills). I bet nobody on this plaform can write such a comprehensive blog post specially on cryptocurrency except @arthuradamson. I solute your great efforts. And I am witness that people didn't give you proper response / reward which you deserve. All the best my friend and Stay Blessed!


Hello my dear sincere friend. I am very grateful for your caring concern but please do not feel bad for me.
I do not rely on income from Steemit but I understand how you feel. There are many on Steemit today who are losing heart. Yesterday I saw someone had posted one picture with one sentence underneath it and got paid $30 dollars. I am not saying it is wrong, but I suppose this adds to the confusion to new members.

I love to blog and wish only for good people such as yourself @jawad09 get something positive from what I write. Your wonderful continuing support means a great deal. Our friendship is just beginning my dear fellow.

Well written, Arthur! I didn't know the founder was Norwegian - although the surname did contain a Scandinavian hint ;) Definitely one of the strongest teams out their and most importantly truly innovating. This is not your usual 100th attempt at a "currency" or other "flavor-of-the-month" token.


Cheers Nik, absolutely, IOTA is no short term crypto coin as we both well know.

very GOOD READ! Will promote this. share it in twitter, facebook and maybe youtube. :)


Wow, thank you so much @densnet - all exposure helps get the message out there

One day you shall CELEBRATE with the fruit of your works! And I too. LOL!

I just caught that they only released 10% of their news for 2017. With that said, I'm sure there's a ton of info that will be dropped out soon considering it's nearly December.

Hahaha, sometimes words paint a funnier scene then a picture, especially if you have my imagination- running through your house in your birthday suit,..."It's HUGE--IOTA I mean, not, well, you know" (I'm adding my own commentary to it now) lolz

Many thanks for this information which in my humble opinion is very valuable. It convinced me right away and the very next thing I'm going to do now, is to find out, where I can get "this thing"

Damn - up 17% today already.. Its a stubborn tortoise!

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I've seen your posts it's so wonderful and greats


Cheers, always nice to get positive feedback, much appreciated : )

So it looks like as a US resident the only way to actually purchase IOTA is binance. Plan to give them a chance and make a small investment to see how it goes. Will make a post with how to go about this to help fellow US investors.


There's a rumor going around that they will be added to Bittres soon. Not sure how valid it is, but it was a discussion about the wallet code being added in the background in their system... so if that's true... it's only a matter of time.


Bittrex is one I use already. Really don't want another place that I need to keep track of, more importantly that I need to worry about stealing my money.


I wouldn't leave crypto on an exchange unless you were trading it. Just transfer it to a wallet as soon as you buy it. IOTA is a looooooong hold. Their wallet is solid and there's also a paper wallet option. - Can't confirm the bittrex addition, but this was one of the rumors:

Who knows if and when they'll add it. I'd imagine the fact that it's not a block-chain is part of the hold up.


I am always trading. Buy and hold is not my approach to investing. So would rather not move it in and out of a wallet each day I want to trade.

Once I hit a goal amount in the trading account for a coin then 50% of profits get moved to a wallet each day. This is then my holdings, but in crypto this hold could mean days, weeks, or longer...just never know. If I feel there is a really good opportunity in another coin.

Thank you @arthuradamson once again for raising awareness about IOTA! Your articles includes anche impressive amount of valuable information. I was amazed by the wireless charging roads, decentralised energy for decentralised currency.


Hey thanks for the input f3nix. I know what you mean by the wireless charging roads, pretty mind blowing - I thought is was a good example to get across how IOTA will be used in real life situations.
Glad you got something from it.

Great information and funny as well. Keep up the good work!

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Have you tried Walton Chain. I think WTC has far more upside for the short term compared to IOTA. Maybe you could buy WTC and after it goes up 10 times you'd still have time to catch the IOTA train. I did a quick comparison because of a request from a friend on steemit. You can check it here:

Hopefully we'd be able to have a good discussion on this too :-)
Great post BTW. Resteemed!

IOTA should see another large influx of market cap as they are being added to Bittres now. It's not live yet, but the code is there.

Here's another project to add to your list. just announced their token framework for the tangle. 2018 is going to see the rise of iota:

Best explanation of Iota’s potential uses, and therefore value, Ive Read.


Thank you. glad you got something from it.

Great write up @arthuradamson, keep it up.


hey thanks man : ) I try my best as always