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Hello my dear friends of @steemit, on this occasion I would like to talk about the topic that is currently on the stage in my country Venezuela.


The photo has nothing to do with the subject, but I place it to relax the view of so much writing, speaking of the photo, was taken by me in the city of Merida - Venezuela.

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It is no secret that the cryptoactive market is no longer taken as an emerging market, it has already risen in level, because it is now considered an irreversible trend. But what about this currency, which the Venezuelan government has called "Petro", frankly in my opinion and according to what I have researched and discussed with several colleagues who know even more than I do the subject of cryptomonedas, I would say that it is a "hybrid" between a cryptomoneda and a bearer bond.

Why do I say it's a hybrid?

Well, I simply say it, because it detaches itself to a certain extent from the essence of a cryptomoneda, this is because they are not supported by anything material, tangible, what sustains these currencies, in a certain way, is the "trust" and stability of their "robust" computer security.

What is good or bad about Petro?

Until now, what has been talked about petro, by official sources, this would bring many benefits to the Venezuelan population, since it would have a convertible currency independent of the physical emission of another country, peeeeeeeeero, which jokes that there is always a but, there are certain points that are still not very clear to me and I see them as a weakness in terms of computer security. The government has said that it would have total control over the mining of this currency, with a finite number of people affected by the government, to carry out the mining work. According to my modest knowledge of computer science, I can assert, that the fact of placing a limited number of people who dedicate themselves to the mining of this Criptomoneda and which in turn are in the same geographical zone, would leave the easier work to the computer pirates, it would be susceptible to attacks on the part of the Hackers.

The trust generated by crypto coins is given by the anonymity of the personal data of its users and the robustness of the security system. The more people do the mining work and the more people are located in different parts of the world, the more difficult it becomes for hackers to break the security system..... Yes, they read well "it makes it even more difficult for Hackers to break the security system", no computer system is 100% secure, these Hackers have already done robberies in crypto currencies.

God bless you all.

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