The 3 Biggest Mobile Payment Service of China Can Pay with Bitcoin in Japan? | 原來中國三大流動支付平台在日本可以Bitcoin付款?

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Japan is determined to spread the cryptocurrency payment in their country!

The bitcoin exchange Bitpoint has an announcement last month, they will provide the cryptocurrency payment platform to the Alipay, Wechat pay and Union Pay, with Nippon Pay. Chinese tourist will be the target customers of this platform.
原來日本比特幣交易所Bitpoint於上月發表,將和Nippon Pay合作,提供加密貨幣付款平台給中國三大流動支付服務包括支付寶、微訊支付及銀聯使用。目標用戶是在日本的中國遊客。


Not only BTC, Bitpoint also supports ETH on this platform, they have already worked with Peach Aviation to facilitate customer to purchase air tickets with cryptocurrency, and there will soon be 10,000 shops support cryptocurrency payment as well.
除了BTC之外,亦支援ETH。Bitpoint除了已經和Peach Aviation合作以加密貨幣購買機票外,未來將於約一萬家實體店安裝加密貨幣付款服務。

In my city there is still only one shop or two that we can pay with Bitcoin. How about yours? It seems some countries would like to have their own digital currency. I think it is no doubt the blockchain will be the focus of the upcoming internet development.

Let's share how's the development of cryptocurrency in your place!


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Getting more and more interesting ... welcome to crypto world : )


Thanks! It's just the beginning! We still have a long way to go lol

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