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RE: You are the Elites: Financial Newsletter review and how you are secretly smarter than veterans + My outrageous prediction and Why Bitcoin will never be P2P Electronic Cash

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I think you are on the money for most part, going from old post I respect and think highly of most of your views. Another thing I totally agree with you is the amount of experts who claimed you should have 70% of portfolio in BTC, most of these guys were vocal about this theory when BTC had that sudden rise from around 5k to 18k in a span of 2 months. But then 10 days back Alt coins started blooming and giving much higher returns than BTC and I don't see anything from them on that. I have always wondered how is BTC going to p2p ever if the value is going up so high and if its so volatile. I'm no expert have only been into crypto for 6 months so almost a noob, but I still don't believe we will have BTC at 5k. I'm thinking about BTC more like Gold and in cryptosphere it will be the USD & Gold combined together - The standard against which everything is measured. After 2020, when this stablizes a bit, I'm guessing there could be multiple p2p coins in future like say LTC or VTC ( just some random examples) which will be used for regular transactions but you would keep most of your stash in BTC and convert to these for transaction purposes. BTC will be store of value and these coins will be medium of exchange and it should be possible to seamlessly swap coins using whatever wallet you use on your phone by then. These coins will be like Visa, Mastercard , Amex of today. Value of BTC will still be high but volatility and rate of growth against USD should slow down a bit for people to actually spend it. Otherwise you might as well keep holding as no one wants to look back and realize then spent what is $500 today on a $10 pizza a few months back! Liked reading this one like most of your posts, will look forward to comments as well


Cryptocurrency are digital assets. By definition they have no intrinsic value. The only value a Cryptocurrency has is it's use. To elaborate more, I'd say it's about


Please take a look at Bitshares and their smart assets. It should solve practically everything you expect BTC to solve. I've seen which is a stable currency. If you need a store of value, just buy Gold/Silver/Platinum etc. Bitshares have the crypto version of Gold and Silver. These smart assets are backed by BTS to hold the value of the physical counterpart.

I'm guessing there could be multiple p2p coins

Currently I have high hopes for Dash, NEM, PIVX and with more research I've also come to love Verge.

I have been hearing a lot about Bitshares, started looking them up with Bittrex decided to delist it a few months ago. It clearly threatens current order as you said. However don't you feel - Bitcoin has too much of a lead to really get disrupted in next 4-5 years? But after reading your thoughts on Bitshares, I'm beginning to rethink my current understanding. BTC is concentrated mainly in hands of some early adopters and silicon valley VCs and investors who understood the potential. From what I heard huge majority of BTC is locked up with folks who will never trade it. Now when old world money gets in they will be at disadvantage in this new world of money, so they should back something like Bitshares early to compete. Thanks for replying, I'm certainly going to do more research into Bitshares

That's one thing I touched up in the post.

The people with both money and experience have only jumped onto the Bitcoin bandwagon and they don't even understand the fundamentals or the tech.

For one these guys are behind the curve. The tech is evolving fast. Alt-coins are the new Bitcoin. ICOs are already several times the VC market. 2018 will be an year of Alt-coins. Just Imagine what Ethereum achieved so far stating from scratch. @haejin claims BTS will go to $342. I'm pretty sure $120 will come easy. That's X200 gains.

BTS can handle the volume of NASDAQ. That's a lot.

Where do you think NEM can go this year?

I'd say at worst $4-5
Cryptos are very volatile and many things happen in an year. NEM has only started showing its colors and It's pretty big in Japan. You know another something that was big in Japan: ADA
NEM has a serious chance at overtaking ETH but I'm not too sure it'll happen next year.

If it gets equal to ETH it would mean $8 NEM with todays values.

And it could happen. $4-5 was the worst case scenario.

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