I ain’t got nothin

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago

I ain’t got steem power
I ain’t got steem
I ain’t got nobody reading my posts
I ain’t got no active followers
I ain’t got no money
But I got some reputation 45.3 and it is going up 0.1 every day.
In 97 days (on June 16 2018) I’ll have a 55 reputation and that is strong

Keep on steeming


Well you a new follow just because that made me smile. Sadly I have no vote power either. I have been wondering how that rep score goes up.

Thank you so much!! I got confused when I noticed accounts older than mine with a higher score. Then I ran across many new ones with high scores. It will help a lot to know what is factored in.

Since I have no clue either, I plan to look into it. Thanks for the follow.

That's not how reputation works. Each level higher requires more rep to move it. So to go from 50 to 51 takes ten times as much rep as going from 40 to 41.

I'm sure that brightened you day! :-P


Thanks for the clarification…and the good news……

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