Controversial Tether Issues $300 Mln In New Tokens, Critics React

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago

Per Coinmarketcap

I’m no fan of Tether, but looking at the same secondary source, Coinmarketcap, I don’t see any such change.

Tether market cap as of 03/19 +/- $2.2billion.

Tether market cap as of 03/20 +/- $2.2billion.

Tether market cap as of 03/21 +/- $2.2billion.

Tether market cap as of now (03/22/2018 7:45 AM EST) +/- $2.2billion.

The chart posted by Coinmarketcap is that of Bitcoin and the “proof” they show is the jump in BTC/USD.

The question I have is why not show the increase in Tether market cap which should have spiked by $300 million?

On January 29, the tether market cap spiked on the charts, clearly they issued tokens. Everyone can see that.

So what is going on now, did they or did they not issue tokens?

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