ZenCash Giveaway! Upvote 100% and follow to win!

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ZenCash Givaway!

I'm giving away 2 ZEN! 1 ZEN to 2 different winners!
All you have to do is UPVOTE this post at 100% (newbies upvote 100% automatocally), RESTEEM THIS POST, and follow me!

Good luck and thank you for participating!

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Be sure to UPVOTE, FOLLOW, and COMMENT! Also, I appreciate any donations greatly! These donations will help me with dedicating more time to content and the Prosper Steem Group project (If you are interested in joining The Prosper Group, comment for more info!).

BCH: qpcwgq330ffwkg50d0hfmapvhkfup793ksq469mppc
DOGE: DLC3C366zkdtkiyn5x4BdfuXjqGkH46srB
ETH/EOS: 0xB99Cd307EA947b50426f7cDbCC3A87d635fbDDad
Particl: PtWv1kWLLFV98Vchsr5sp4uw35ZwRgSSVK

*All of my posts are only my opinions. I am not a financial advisor. Thank you for reading!


Upvoted, resteemed and followed

@aphiso ok
you have a upvote and following from you
kindly visit my post @emmauelalayemi

Thank you! Good luck in the contest!

Followed you, upvoted and resteemed. Also check out my website for tons of free airdrops http://freeairdroptokens.com/

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