Invasion Of The Crypto-Kitties

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I recently found out about these adorable digital kitty-cats.  They're built on the Ethereum Blockchain, and can be traded for Ether.  You can also breed them!  Each kitty has its own genetic codes that they pass down to their children, for example, some kitties have a long mustache and some kitties have thick bushy tails.

CryptoKitties is a new and very unique kind of crypto.  Instead of mining, you breed them.  There's a marketplace where you can buy, sell, and breed your kitties for Ethers.  Some people are just interested in the cute cats, but some are into the trading side of it.

I met someone who claims to have made 10 times their investment back just from buying, selling, and breeding their cryptokitties, they told me that the secret trick is to educate yourself about the genetics in the kitties.  For example, cryptokitties with the MaineCoon genetics can make a huge amount of money.  The best way to make money with CryptoKitties is to learn as much as you can about it.

Each kitty has a profile with some background information about the cat's personality and genetic traits.  Here's a sample from one of my CryptoKittie's profiles:

Ugh! I'm MrPresident. I want to live in a world where people believe that one day cats will rule this planet. I'm convinced that that one day cats will rule this planet. One day I'll prove it. I can't wait to wake you up at 4am for seemingly no reason.

There is a lot to learn about CryptoKitties and how it all works, like the breeding cool-down times, and things to look for in terms of genetics.  There are different ideas about how to set a price for a CryptoKitty too, I recommend doing a lot of research.  You can find the website to get started at there may be some setup required, but once you follow the instructions you'll be trading and breeding cryptokitties in no time.

(Edit, added photo from since the pictures of the actual cryptokitties didn't show up in the post for some reason.)

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2 most popular things on internet finally combined :) Checked few videos about it on youtube, do you thing its worth trying?

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Reminds me of the steganographic technique that Andreas Antonopoulos used to hide a transaction worth millions.

Also the first DAP to bring etherium to breaking point for transactions. Does not look good unless they have improve throughput :)

Interesting article. It would be great to implement on Steemit something like that.

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These are wonderful news, we teach about cats and we make money

Looking forward to Angry Kitties, Flappy Kitties, World of Kitties.

Wow lovely pic ~!!

how do we know more??? there is little to no info on the site, lol. ugggh so much work when steemit is enough work.

I love a cat.

inovative post, keep going bro.

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Cryptokitties wow awesome thats amazing great post bro.


This is really thinking outside the box. Very unique keep it up

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I have a catty too on my blog @anomaly :)

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The cat looks very nice.

My cat will love this!! ahah

I love this post. :-)

And I love cats, so I'm gonna check it out.

It looks like it could be fun! :-)

Thanks for sharing! :-)

cute cat...

Definitely do some research I rushed in and lost a lot of money in fees as I didn't know what I was doing and still don't with these kitties.

i read this post
very important all crypto lover
thnx dear for share

I want the Kitties RULING THE WORLD TOOO!!! :) thakkkks a lot for this very interesting post!!! :) looking forward!!

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This kitty is looking cute

You should post more often. Your stuff is too good to keep us waiting so long.

This is insane, ha ha... endless possibilities for sure...

Very interesting! Next they'll have cryptodoggies!!

hahaha how lovely crypto cats are !

cuttie cat

What is the simplest explanation I can learn to explain to other people how this works?

Thank you


Okay, apparently crypto can evolve sort of like Pokemon, so now cats are taking over the internet again.

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Kucing yang cantik kwan..tolong masuk ke blok saya sebentar ya kawan

Wow its like a giga pet that makes you money!

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interesting, something else to see what people can dream up :)

love it :-)

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Thank you for this post. I heard about the CryptoKitties before and now I got better informed. No to another theme: You gave me the first upvote on Steemit! In August!!! Tonight I found out and want to thank you. You see, some things take time... I had to get used to Steemit and to learn... At the moment I am working on my "introduceyourself". I'm following you now.

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OMG!!! CUTE!!!!

I had already read some of these crypto coins. What I do not understand is the advantage of comrpar a coin that is "collection." Will be quoted later mor mallor amount? I like cats, but if I had money, I would not invest unless I made a profit.

I cant wait to see all the new applications that end up coming from this.
This is going to catch a lot of developers eyes.
Lets hope we can catch all the new apps as the hit the market.

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Excellent post. I like this idea. Cryptokitty is the révolution !

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there is a new one to look into. Tron Dogs. they have the same concept but uses TRON. very big in China and Korea right now. they were supposed to release them in the US a little while ago but not sure how that is going. Might be something you want to look into

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when I saw the kitten, I remembered the kitten I helped the other day. .
and now he's dead..

I love pets, almost like mine.

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What? That's so cool! I had heard about them but didn't know what they were. Thanks for the information!

every day you learn something new I did not know about this, it sounds interesting