6 Factor Affecting the growth of cryptocurrency Economy

In 2018, crypto currency market has created space in many people heart either he/she is a Employee or a Business man or a Investor. In this field many manage to have great profit and loss as well here.
In this crypto trading era, many are not familiar with thing which affect the growth of the market. Here are some of the factor which affect the growth of crypto currency Economy.

News :- _____________________________
It all depend on the media how the World came to know about Bitcoin and its potential in the first place? And we all know about the media power to influence people

Political factor :- _________________________
News warm people for short term trade, while political change damage the whole market.

Economical Factor :- ________________________
Crypto currency operates in the world economy after all. Therefore, the financial instability in the global sphere affects the digital currencies as well.

Adoption in Society :- ____________________________
Many people in the world are unaware of what crypto currency is all about. Many Industry are opting Blockchain technology to widen the scope of crypto currency. However, the lack of understanding and awareness among the consumer is making it difficult for them to adopt Digital Currency.

Internal Competition :- ________________________________
When market introduces some new project then automatically the demand of older project decreases.

Securities :- ____________________________________
In the world of Digital currency we also come across hacker attacks on exchanges. Stealing crypto currency has now become trend in 2018 which raises big question on the crypto market.


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Market is falling majorly due to FUDs and people not having faith on crypto

really people don't trust on #crypto-currency

Don't know what factors are effecting Indian crypto market but it is not in good shape

First people are greedy
and don't believe in #crypto and are not aware of its impact on there future

Ignore crypto for a month u will see it boom

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Crypto can shape up future of country...its a revolution and evry one should accept it..!!

yes bro but our #government are not accepting it now

Market will stable soon.never panic.

hope your word came truee

I am looking for Litecoin to go for a huge bump.

I don't think so because there CEO has sell there coin are not working any more.

main point is adoption and uncertainity.
if market sustain people start with trust then markey will grow ...

I really thing you are right main point is adoption and uncertainity

Cryptocurrency is down since January. Hope it will recover soon

no more there was a pump IN #may

Recovery on it's way, just wait.

JULY will be green

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It will rise soon in market

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Market will be stable soon and bull run will start.

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Informative for Beginners in crypto world.

Make digital world

Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) ...