Big boobs no brain?

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago (edited)

I bet all of you have heard this: big boobs, no brain.

This is what I had been struggling with when I was young, I felt ashamed to have big breasts, I don't(still don't like) like running, jumping, dancing which I would love to learn though, anything with big movements involved basiclly. I am not going to list the disadvantages with big boobs, Neither the advantages you can google it.

Anyway, back to the point, gonna share something I think is funny and inspiring. hope you all can feel the joy and hopefully it will make your day.


I have been taught to be humble all my childhood(gonna write a post how i learnt to be humble in my next post if you are interested, please let me know) and my adult life when living in a country that has a 5000 years of history, this was all i know, and now since i am more openminded i would more comfortable to exaggerate things, like call myself a crypto enthusiast, no matter how much i know. :D, the point is i am trying to learn every day, little by little.


Got inspired with this message, well o, of course, there is the joke in it, but I have also heard a lot of people on twitter said the same thing, where are the female traders/ crypto enthusiasts. so I guess at this point I do have the advantage to brag about it?

Hope you all enjoyed it and have a good day everyone.

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