Veraswap Liquidity Mining Pools

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VeraSwap is a fully decentralized AMM with staking and other market driving features. Veraswap entails the mixture of various Decentralized Finance protocols into one platform with an easy to use interface.


VeraSwap Liquidity Mining Pools

Veraswap's liquidity mining pools have been running for a while now as was listed as part of it's long term focus on consistent developments to ensure seamless user experience as well as the first fully decentralized exchange and on-chain staking protocol that allows users to earn rewards from other liquidity pools.


Liquidity pools are smart contracts that ensures liquidity for tokens on a decentralized exchange by locking these tokens. These pools aids in facilitating the decentralized trading. A pool token is given to users or liquidity providers as their stake or reward for providing liquidity in the pools.


To participate in VeraSwap liquidity mining pool, there are different steps:

  • Firstly, you have to be a liquidity provider. Using your BSC Wallet, accumulate liquidity provider tokens for the pools you are interested in. These tokens are given to you after you have provided liquidity at the appropriate DEX or Defi protocol like to VeraSwap Dex of JulSwap Dex.

  • Second step to take is visiting the Veraswap Liquidity mining site :

  • The third step is one you must have thought of before now. You already have the pools you are participating in, in mind; now you just have to select these pools and click on the Deposit button.

  • The next step is the final step. The amount of your LP tokens you want to use in this pool is inputed after which you click the stake button.

If you have followed the steps, then you have successfully participated in the liquidity mining pools.

These transactions will require a minimal payment in form of BNB to be executed.

Every second, rewards in $VRAP are calculated and made available to be claimed just by clicking the 'claim' button.

To get more information on Veraswap or interact with other participants, you can go through the difference social media channels.


Official website:


Announcement channel:



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