Crypto Trading Should Be Fun

in cryptocurrency •  9 months ago

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@mariana85 aka Trading Mama was working on the product management side of the tech industry before she got introduced to crypto. 

The first time she heard about bitcoin it had the stereotype of drugs and illegal activities, therefore felt quite dark to her. Eventually,  she stumbled upon a talk by Andreas Antonopoulos and it all started to make sense to her.

She, just like me,  started blogging on Steemit and earned her first crypto there. And her learning curve started from there.

Now she trades crypto and also teaches others to do so too running the Cryptocurrency School.

Few quotes from the interview

Crypto trading should not be boring.

I rely a lot on my intuition while trading crypto.

When you are long-term investing and holding for at least a year it's like the bumps are almost insignificant.

The volatility is great when you're trading.

Blockchain has already changed the world.

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Great interview! I agree that trading should be fun. If your stressing out to much about trading crypto then your investing to much in your trades. Love your podcasts @anialexander!


thank you so much. Please leave a review when you get the time :)

Wow...Nice post..very good luck..your succesfull ini steemit.

It is fun... And gut wrenching... 🤣😭

Love the podcast @anialexander. Keep up the good work! I actually got into steemit because of your interview with @andrarchy!


thanks so much - and good luck with your Steemit journey :)

Thanks for having me @anialexander! Love Crypto Talks as well!


we had fun talk :)