- An Alternative to Coinmarketcap with Many Interesting Tools

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago is a cryptocurrency data provider like, but with many more tools, graphs and ways to classify the tops, it is also a very fast site and the data is updated automatically, no need to refresh the page.

A very interesting feature is the variety offered to sort coins, for exmaple by technology, its type of market, whether it is minable or not, the year it was founded, by volume and market capitalization:

We can also see the performance of the cryptocurrencies in different time ranges in the same top in the Performance tab, where it shows the % of change from 15 minutes to 6 months. It also has a volatility indicator, which is a tool of the site.

When selecting a cryptocurrency we can see a lot of useful information besides the chart and a great variety of indicators. In advanced data you can see the number of purchase and sale transactions, it also has its own tools such as a price predictor and a market sentiment evaluator.

Some other features:

  • Adjustable Telegram and email alerts for price changes in the selected cryptocurrencies.
  • Price index and volatility index.
  • As in coinmarketcap, you can set up a tracking list to keep track of specific cryptocurrencies.
  • It also has widgets adaptable to other websites.
  • Market Maps:

It wasn't until recently that I started using Bitgur and I think it's a very fast and complete crypto data provider. This site has many more functions than those shown in this blog, but I tried to review the most important, and it is worth checking it out, whether you constantly follow cryptocurrency markets or just to learn, since it provides you with the main resources of each cryptocurrency.

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