BitcoinDesigned - Visual Resources to Learn About Bitcoin and Blockchain

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Bitcoin Designed is a website that gathers the concepts to understand Bitcoin and blockchain technology through visual resources.

Many of the concepts surrounding Bitcoin can be somewhat complicated or rather 'heavy' to read for many, and Bitcoin Designed manages to explain in a very friendly and easy way the basic concepts, and not so basic ones, through infographics.

This website covers everything from the basics of blockchain technology and Bitcoin, to topics about the daily use, all in a very understandable way.

Most people are not interested in going deep into the topic by reading dense texts just to become familiar with the basics, that's why it is more feasible to understand crypto tecnhnology through visual resources. Although most of the content is presented in a simplified manner, this is exactly what is needed to introduce this subjects for newbies that want to know more about the technology.

The whole site can be read relatively quickly because of its simple format and even then you can come out with a lot of information that would've taken you much longer to assimilate by other means. All the infographics are free to use so they can be shared as a way to present the technology to other people.

Images: BitcoinDesigned

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