Litecoin update. Expecting next impulsive up to 185-205$ target!

Litecoin made a deep plunge, but I see it as 4th wave correction! I expect it to soar any time soon in 5th impulsive wave and my target is 185-205$:

If I see any changes in the structure due to more complex correction in 4th wave (that is very possible, looking at 2nd corrective wave), will update this post!

Note: This is not a financial advise or trade call, it's only my personal opinion and arrows in the charts shows just an indication of direction, not the specific points or targets!


Your crypto_analyst

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Thanks @andriustovis!

I appreciate your ongoing support! Your contributions go toward a great cause.

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One of my long term favorites LTC :)

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Thats a pretty realistic up target man. We need Litecoin to recover to $200+ so the market will gain confidence again. Seems Mt. Gox decided to dump 16K BTC to the market yesterday as I heard :P