How i predicted the move on Ethereum

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First and foremost, let me take a little time and explain what Ethereum really is think by now, everybody should have been aware about the rapid rise of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency reached a record breaking $8200 sometime in November, many people are speculating its price will continue to increase.
But Bitcoin is far from being the only cryptocurrency, and some would argue that it's not the one with the most potential
Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency on the market currently just two years after it was launched, and in 2018 it is likely to be more talked about.
Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin in the sense that they're both open-source platforms based on blockchain technology.
Both elimate the middle man (the banks) in financial transactions, which is why cryptocurrencies have the potential to replace them.
But while Bitcoin is limited to using blockchain technology for Bitcoin payments and trasactions, Ethereum can be used to build decentralised computational platforms.
So it is not surprising then that over the past two years the value of the ether has already risen to more than US$360 at the time of publishing. And there are predictions its value will increase in 2018

Ethereum's currency, which is called the ether, also runs on sophisticated smart contracts which uses an if:then system, which means it can only be traded if certain conditions are met.
To day trade Etheruem like I do, you need to master the art of technical and fundamental analysis, Ethereum trading is no different from any other narket or trading.
Basic tools and strategy are used like Fibonacci, trendlines and support and resistance, but the only difference between trading Ethereum and other currency or market is, you are only analizing to buy, you only look for buy opportunities and not sell at this point in time. You can successfully day trade Ethereum with the right skillset taught to you by a professional.
Finally seek guidiance and mentorship of a professional when ever you are ready to start day trading Etheruem
Steem is a very great platform to share ideas and learn from others. To help you become an early adopter of the cryptocurrency and fully understand how it works, you can follow me for daily update


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Nice prediction mate
Keep up the good work

You are welcome bro, new highs to be made on ethereum

I really love the way you explained the concept of the Etherum crytocurrency, looking forward to learning more.
Keep steeming

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Great analysis mate

Friend never reached a value of $8200 I think they are $820 sorry otherwise very good information.

Thank you

What exactly did you predict is it the rate or something else?

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