NULS takes over position #90 by market cap! Are we missing out?

in cryptocurrency •  9 months ago


Null is nothing, Nuls is everthing

Nuls is a project that aims to make blockchain flexible and convinient. Their mision is all about bringing enterprises the opportunity to deploy their own decentralized applications in the nuls blockchain.

Although there are many projects with a similar idea, Nuls is the protocol projec that focuses on simplicity and therefore targets the common enterprise average Joe. One of the biggest problems with all cryptocurrency and blokchain technology is the complexcity it represents for people.

On another note, Nuls is one of the projects with the most activity on github. This means that they are truly working on developing the solutions they plan to bring to enterprises. In the image below you can see for yourself tht the team has been doing their job.


If you're into videos, here is a helpful review about nuls

What's up NEXT for NULS?

Nuls has a wallet release for today. Their mainnet release and blockchain explorer have been delayed but it will be out very soon accoring to the community. Mainnet releases usually have a positive effect in coin value, so we could be seeing nuls clib to new highs very soon.


What does the TA say??

Aaron up strong at 85.7, Aaron down weak at 0. RSI indicating strenght and squeeze a bulish release. The overall trend is bullish. Both FA and TA are saying probable continuation of bullish trend.

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