Altmarkets Exchange listing Guidelines

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Altmarkets is a growing exchange, we're open as an exchange to all projects and understand that a budget can vary vastle amongst projects as well as team size, community outreach as well as code qaulity.

Any team can request a listing via our listing request form

Altmarkets Project Listing Request

Please wait upto 1 week for a response to your listing request, due to the volume of requests we get you will hear from us if your project is accepted - we will not reply to any emails requesting an update on submissions.

We do however have a few simple criteria in our listing process that all teams must follow and obide too.

Once you submit a submission to use, we review the following:

  • Projects platform / blockchain (A working consistant blockchain)
  • Team competency
  • Technology (Code Quality Audit via Github)

Once we are finished with the above , we'll require the following to be in place prior to us responding to the listing request

  • Project Website
  • Social Community (Discord, Slack, Telegram, Own Forum)
  • Basic Social Pages (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Announces)

If accepted projects must simply keep the above in place at all times and inform us of any maintenance as well as keeping the trading markets active (minimal of 10 trades within a 14 day window for markets).

We will respond to all listing requests via email only, never via a Discord, Telegram username and it will be from a domain of - If you do not hear from us after a 2 week window then please assume the project did not meet our listing criteria.

Note: We understand projects can change over time, Feel free to resubmit if steps have been made to amend.

Altmarkets Project Listing Request

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