Altmarkets Currency [ALTM] announcement

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In a previous post we touched on the intergration of a currency for use within the Altmarkets ECO System, we're happy to announce that after initial testing ALTM, Altmarkets Currency [ALTM] has now been created and it's natively on it's own Blockchain.


ALTM is a POS Currency which gives a 5 reward stake for anyone contributing to the network, ALTM will be a base pairing and the currency itself will act as a utility within the Altmarkets Exchange.

Planned prominent usecases:

  • Trading Fees Discount (50%)
  • Exchange Listing Voting (Planned)

Buy Back Scheme:

Altmarkets will undertake a Buy Back Scheme on ALTM where 25% of all exchange profits will be used to purchase ALTM where traded on the Altmarkets Exchange, this will be on an ongoing basis and reviewed every quarter.

All reporting of ALTM purchased will be done on a month end basis and placed within a burn scheme thus constantly reducing the circulating supply.

Initial Release

In order to create an initial support and awareness of ALTM, Altmarkets will release a total of 5 Million coins to exchange users, this will be to the first 3,000 people that sign up and create an account on the exchange.

ALTM has now launched, Announced thread -

Wallet release information has been announced via our discord


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Nice to hear! I signed up a few day ago yet, I don't see any ALTM in my account. Is this an airdrop?

Hasnt happened yet, we will announce once it has started.

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