BINANCE HACKED?! Take Your Crypto's Out of Exchanges!

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Special shoutout to @artakush who was the first to notify us on our discord channel. After a bit of research here guys, it looks like Binance is going through another set of rough patches. Here are all the links below that I used for the video. Remember to take your crypto out of exchanges guys! Share the news with others if you think it'll help. Let me know in the comments below if you have any crypto stored in your Binance account. Please go and check to make sure they're there. If they are, I would highly suggest moving them to a hard wallet.

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Make sure to watch this in 1.2x or 1.5x to get through the info in lightning speed!

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Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. Please do your due diligence in every topic. Never invest your bread money. Take care of yourself & family first. Don’t always follow the herd, follow your heart.

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Thanks again and Happy trading!

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This was so scary! Luckily my coins were safe!!

Ahhh. Good for you! Make sure to get them out asap lol

Never know. The future alert we may not be so fortunate.

Hey, great video! Would you mind checking out my channel and letting me know what you think?

Sure I'll be happy to man :)

Thanks for the props! you know it is usual 10% off the post for ideas :P JOKE. Glad ur cryptos are safe!

Artakush counts crypto in the bush...

you know i did not mean this ;D

I know, my brotha :) I know! :D

Wahahaha! #cryptobush

Thanks for telling all of us, man! Appreciate it. I'm glad my crypto is still there. LOL

I am glad for you too... btw cryptobush,.. BOOM!

Don't mess with that cryptobush boy! :P

Thanks, heard they disabled withdrawals

had me go scrambling to check...still safe 😅

You're always safe @alphasteem ! In fact, you are the protector! #queenbeestyle

Thanks bud really love your videos

Thanks so much, sir! I'm going to be checking out your videos :) just saw your last one about 1,000 followers (WHAT! Awesome sauce!) and also your 80 days! And FITNESS. You look amaaaazing! :)

My heart dropped when I heard the news

Yeah man me too, brotha. LOL

I was like "WHAAAAAAAT" I literally hadn't logged in FOREVER because of my DTube obsession, but thank God it was only trading bots affected. I'm not a botter (although I wish I had those skills lol)

Support you!

Thanks man. Support each other!

Binance did not get hacked. Binance users got hacked through a phishing attack. There's a difference. Please amend your fake news.

Hey there :) I guess you didn't watch the video or read the blog, but thanks anyway for commenting and stopping by :) have an amazing life :D

cz_binance CZ (not giving crypto away) tweeted @ 07 Mar 2018 - 18:34 UTC

All funds are safe. There were irregularities in trading activity, automatic alarms triggered. Some accounts may h……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thanks anyhow

I would add to this, don't use any API associated with any of your exchange accounts or any bots. Just not worth the risk.

Thankfully Binance did an amazing job. They really need to be praised!

damn brother thanks for the heads up looks like I'll have to take my coins off Binance. I hope everything is safe with everyone's funds. I'll be setting up wallets tonight and sending my coins over I don't have a hardware wallet yet.

was binance really hacked? i have some assets on there...
and people stake their NEO on there as well.

staking neo on binance is inexcusable, it is completely free to withdraw and neon wallet is pretty good as wallets go

I do not have any NEO so I am not sure how hard it is to download the wallet

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The title is hardcore clickbait, you not only apply the Betteridge's law of headlines but you also give an advise while having a disclaimer that it is not an advise. Love it!

I am hanging in there.
A little concerned about no wallet and no vault

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