DTube Exclusive: What to do in Today's Crypto Market? Should You Buy/Sell/Hold? Here's my strategy.

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The market is going down right now. I still consider it a sideways consolidation move. It hasn't crashed substantially more and with so many new developments happening. I just can't see it continuing to slide. This is my own opinion, but anytime we've seen a sideways market and slight dips like this, what's followed is usually a pretty strong run. I know a lot of people are worried, but we need to remind ourselves of what the retrospective view of this is going to be. A year from now, we could easily see a 5x or 10x rise in Steem. Sideways and little dips like this are bound to happen. Especially before a pump.

I'm keeping my skin in the game. We all believe in this platform. That's why we're here. So there's no need to panic right now. In fact, my strategy is to buy some more. This is a liquidation sale in my opinion! :)

But that's just it. Just my opinion.

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hahahaha ! It's a fight to the death!

Well said, I believe this is correct :)
I love the car lighting gig :)
Well done my friend and the shirt looks cool!! I want One!! :)

thanks a lot friend! Always nice of you to stop by :)

Yeah I love my DTube shirt!!! One of my favourites hehe

I've never been to Florida, can you believe that?!

@altcoinpost Yeah you are absolutly right, the biggest challenge is to let it happen to let it go down an hodl it takes strength or at least experience, most people first have to lose it all panic selling than regretting before learning it (emotionally). Although i knew what to do rationally i did act against it because of emotions. Sometimes you first have to really experience things to get emotions and ratio under control. Hahaha 3:39 Somebody should remix that!!


I agree with you with the flatline and raise after that. Most importantl, we need to support blockchain technology and keep developing better applications with it.

In my opinion friend, it is a great time to buy :D

Great informative news....excellent post.

Thanks a lot! Glad it helped :)

So you're saying there's a chance!...But really, what are you saying? Cuz it doesn't appear to be any real content here. You're basically saying the same thing everyone else who believes in crypto is saying with nothing new to add. Can't wait for the market to finally turn around so people will finally have new things to talk about.

@altcoinpost is not saying there is a chance... he is saying that prices WILL go up eventually ... although it might go down again it will rise long-term... so just hodl or buy now, and if it drops buy even more... because it will rise above todays price ... you have to think long term.

If you already know that, good for you. But there are people out there who don't or are unsure or know this but need somebody to support the idea of hodling - to stay strong emotionally... This content is for them and it's good advise. Bad content would be to tell people to take everything out and/or invest into an already exploded coin.

I'm not saying what he's saying is wrong...I agree with him & you, for that matter. I'm also not saying this is "bad" content...just "NO" content. He's just preaching to the choir with nothing new to say. It's a waste of time...just is my responding to you. Sorry, just calling a spade a spade. Show us your opinion is based on something other than what you think and/or might happen. Give us some news, a theory, historical stats, anything....

Yeah it is a waste of time for you, because you already know this stuff. But not to other people. I totally get where you are coming from @docteve . As his channel's name is altcoinpost you (and many others) expect here to be more specific news about ICOs and technical improvements, and i totally give you that. But this is not what we will find here.

Here you will find the basic advice and entertainment, we have to accept that, accept the waste of a minute as it will always happen in life, move on and search for the specific stuff elsewhere, just leaving it as it is. Because you will even waste more time commenting everything you find misleading with telling your opinion not changing it at all.

Thanks for watching even though I had absolutely nothing to say :P

I would advice to sit back, relaxe, enjoy life with your dearest and it all will be okay!
Blockchain and most coin will prevail!
I you have dry powder at hand wait until the market goes up and make a profit.
Real bargains out there!

Thanks the information and the enlightenment

thnks for sharing

This is actually the best time to buy and invest into more coins. Before you know whats happening the market will Kabooom and shoot upwards.

nice car :)

Thanks for the info and I agree I’m actually looking forward to the dip so I can by more crypto.

informasi menurut mu sangat tepat semuanya, saya akan mengikuti jejek mu terimakasih telah berbagi yang sangat bermanfaat

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