Crypterium the cryptobank for all my needs

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Why do we need a bank for?
For me it is a place to keep my money secure.

When I need money I would very much like my bank to lend me some at low rates and giving me transparency of operation and flexibility of repayment.
Act as a money exchanger and forex guy when I have to travel or do some foreign remittances (at minimum charges).
Another very important thing on my wish-list is that it should recognize my cryptocurrencies as real money and help me use my crytocurrencies. A tall ask you may say but read on…

We are living in a world which is being taken over by the Blockchains and cryptocurrencies.
This is good it adds transparency and speed to transaction.

That is what is needed in the Banking sector. So it is time to revolutionize the banking system and change the way we bank.
Sphere heading this resolution is Crypterium and it is going to change the way we look at a bank.

For starters You and me can use our hard earned cryptocurrencies to shop, pay our bills, Pay for services and use it to buy or send money just as we use the real world fiat money like dollars, pounds, euros or whatever is the currency you use in your country.
This opportunity opens up 42 million places around the globe that would accept our cryptomoney.




This also opens up the opportunity for merchants the world over to accept cryptomoney and in exchange sell us their good and services.

it is going to let business around the world accept cryptocurrencies as a way of accepting payments
Crypterium team has worked up a blockchain driven merchant solution to implement the cryptopayment handling from the POS terminals.

For those who need a loan or credit for buying a car, taking a holiday or whatever you want it for Crypterium is creating a Blockchain Based Loans platform.


Crypterium sees the opportunity of growth in the crypto financial sector thus it is giving access to its openAPI development platform. This way developers can use the Crypterium building blocks and come up with their own financial products that would integrate with the Crypterium platfom.


Is this all not very exciting and pulsating with activity? Yes it is and to actualize this concept Crypterium is having its ICO which has started on October 21st, and ending on Janurary 13th of 2018!


Do check out the details here

Crypterium WhitePaper
Crypterium Twitter
Crypterium BTCTalk
Crypterium Facebook
Crypterium Linkedin
Crypterium YouTube


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