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In the modern world, it is quite difficult to overemphasize the importance of advertisements. It catches us literally everywhere: in the streets, in public transport, on the TV and in social media. However, exactly the online advertising is the most common way to spread information at this stage primarily due to the large audience.

The problem is that the considerable number of ads is just ineffective and has shown to those people who are not interested in this. This leads to all the parties suffering: ordinary users face frankly excessive and annoying information and advertisers can’t bring their data to potential clients. To break the current state of affairs, the SaTT project was launched. It will let show ads only to those who are really interested in them.

Project’s Major Objectives

Only representatives of advertising agencies are interested in implementing regular campaigns. SaTT will let bring the information directly to potential consumers but not to indifferent persons.
The project functioning is based on the blockchain technology that not only lets execute fast transactions with minimal expenditures, but also helps define how effective the investments in the advertising sphere are. The precise information is provided in accordance with:

  1. Objectives of ad campaigns.
  2. The promotion leads to more brand recognition and awareness among the audience.
  3. Productivity improvement (more products sold).

The latter implies the increase of website or social network page traffic and supplementing of the list of potential clients who have a positive response to ads.
The user spends tokens on learning how effective the campaign was and to get a report allowing to see weak points. Due to this, the investor receives real information about what the users need. He understands their spirit and preferences. Based upon this, it is possible to start planning a new ad campaign that will be more stable and more effective. As trends and priorities are dynamically changing, it is important to always be aware of all events and reach to any changes in users’ mood. The expenditure minimization and implementation of more expedient and more effective campaigns are exactly what the project management strives for.

SaTT Functioning Principles

The data obtained on the basis of the blockchain are major for this platform’s functioning. Exactly they will become a basis for understanding:
• clients’ needs;
• their expectations;
• users’ knowledge of the product.

Due to this, it is possible to generate fundamentally new opportunities for the market. The need for such project will only increase in significance, as the online advertising market is rapidly developing and winning new fields. The TV and outdoor advertising do not play a big role anymore, so the analysis of ads on the Internet is quite relevant in the modern environment. It will be possible to make changes directly when an ad campaign allowing to reduce the costs and to optimize the existing resources is implemented.

An important advantage is the storage of the results and features of participation in the blockchain. They will be available by means of the special API. Now, it will be literally impossible to fake such details. This is a creation of new security and transparency standards under conditions of spreading advertisements on the Internet. Such approach is a chance to build fundamentally new relations between companies and advertisers.


The sale of tokens, by means of which money transactions will be executed, started in May. The first investors will have an opportunity to gain a bonus digital currency, by means of which it will be possible to pay for services and statistical data provided.

The pre-sales are showing good results, which is very important, as they are just another proof that the market is interested in such a platform. One token costs only 42 cents. Taking into account the fact that SaTT is really demanded, it can be said that this price will rise in the future and the project creators hope for this.

The market is developing so rapidly that no one denies that the project helping make ads more targeted and more effective and reduce their costs is really needed. Due to this, it is possible to give an impetus for the whole industry. This can influence ordinary users too, as they will not overpay for products, the price of which includes the advertising component. That is why SaTT will change the conception of bringing the information to the targeted audience in the near future.

More information about the SaTT project can be found in the official sources:


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The SaTT project looks interesting ... the donut atom pict is awesome :))


Thank you, @tastetwist :))! The project is really interesting and promising for both the advertiser and the user.

Sounds good.
I'm in marketing and these info are very useful.


Thank you for your attention, @erelasblog ! I'm glad the article was useful to you.good luck in your work;)

mmmm, donuts. But ads get Satt


Thanks for your feedback, @premium.resteem

There is a huge competition in the marketing industry now. There are a lot of such projects built on blockchain technology. Although SaTT Token looks good.)


Competition is a very good thing, @evsoul! As a result, we will get a better product.


hey, @alinana a variety of projects is also good. We've got a lot to choose from.


@evsoul, аgreed!)

It's great that we have the opportunity to monetize our online activity. very interesting project with a promising idea in the field of marketing.

I myself periodically order an advertising campaign for my business. Good advertising aimed at the right consumer is a very important thing for business promotion. thank you for reviewing the right project!