Top 5 Cheapest Masternodes!

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Masternodes are hot and trending now, so why not count the cheapest ones that you can buy right now!

1 - 8Bit(8BIT)
coins required= 112
price of coin today= $0.29~
price for 1 Masternode= $32.48~

2 - Flaxscript(FLAX)
coins required= 23,000
price of coin today= $0.017~
price for 1 Masternode= $391~

3 - Bitradio(BRO)
coins required= 2,500
price of coin today= $0.17~
price for 1 Masternode= $425~

4 - AmsterdamCoin(AMS)
coins required= 100,000
price of coin today= $0.0045~
price for 1 Masternode= $450~

5 - Crave(CRAVE)
coins required= 500
price of coin today= $1.73~
price for 1 Masternode= $865~

Here you go!
These prices are for July 16, and they change everyday!

As for myself I bought 4 8Bit Masternodes and I'm hodling them! :D cheers ;)


If communities get behind these like CHC or SYNX they will go parabolic

Cv2's coinswap COLX is going to have masternodes for 10m COLX (20m CV2)

Coins Required: 10,000,000
Price per coin: .000116
Price for 1 Masternode: $2,320

Its price increased significantly from where it was on news of the swap as well as presstab (a pivx dev) working on the project. It is still very affordable and with an estimated circulating supply of 2b (3.6b including the devs fund if they swap it) it still has plenty of room to grow.

Exactly that post i was searching for. You got one upvote from the bottom of my hearth! :)

@alifirebird are there really only 400 to 500 Masternodes on 8bit? Can you tell me the daily or weekly reward for one of your Masternodes please?

Did you find out what is the reward already?
Just starting to learn masternodes myself now and im thinking of buying one of the cheapest just to try it out
But for now it seems for me like the 8bit coin is just dead

BiblePay (BBP) is a new masternode cryptocurrency:
10% of mined coins go to Charity, the project is already funding 175+ Orphans monthly!

BiblePay is a fork of DASH (governance model)
with a goal of ASIC Resistance (CPU Only mining) like Vertcoin

Masternodes (Sanctuaries) are going live this December,
by owning one you become a part owner and can vote on the direction of the project!

Launch Thread:

Love one another,
be a good Samaritan,
help those in distress (orphans & widows),
and spread the gospel

I wouldn't call 2k+ investment a cheap masternode though since 500k required. @MrsRay Yes, its cheaper than most but still up there ... although now is a good time to get in. I'd ❤ to own one, just don't have the 2400$ to get a Masternode (Sanctuary) :( is good for a list of master nodes some are as cheap as 4.70 USD

since you posted this i tried to put some masternodes and the 8bit download is dead, and nobody looks to fix it, also flax cant be set up an im still waiting for the bit radio email confirmation, thanks for the info.

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