Help us make 8Bit the next ChainCoin!

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Exactly 1 month ago ChainCoin was $0.08 and price for a masternode was $80, and now it's $3470 in just 1 month! ChainCoin was a dead coin and people thought if they pump and hodl it they can make it go up and they succeed!
Now we're trying to do the same with 8Bit and make it go up, because this is the best opportunity to invest in it and pump it!

Cheapest Masternode ✓ 112 coins for a masternode which is $34.94

Low Circulating Supply ✓

If you invest now and it goes $5+ you're gonna be rich ✓ let's say you buy 5 masternodes right now, which costs $176~ and let's say each Masternode gives you 1 coin daily, when the price goes $5 you'll get $25 daily/$750 month, so in 1 month you'll get back your money and plus a bonus $574~ and that's without selling any of your coins!

And that's why I believe in this coin and want it to go up!

So if you wanna help, buy yourself some Masternodes ;)
And join our Telegram Group :)


@alifirebird Hey thanks for your postings. I also bought some 8bit for my Masternodes. I will setup tomorrow. Can you tell me your daily/weekly rewards on one Masternode please? :)

You're welcome!
I'm in vacation right now and I'll set everything up tomorrow as well when I get back...I'll let you know then :)

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