8Bit Telegram group! Join :D

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago (edited)

The 8bit coin is the cheapest Masternode you can buy right now! But the coin is not that popular so I wanna give it more exposure and make it go up up up!

So if you believe in 8Bit, buy some masternodes(yes it's that cheap) and join my 8Bit group on Telegram! :D thank you



I remember 8bit - funny, I assumed it died a long time ago! Any problems running a masternode? I do recall that the coin was very resource intensive, and I had had issues with it hogging my CPU and memory.

I still didn't set up my masternodes, I'm in vacation now and I will probably set them on VPS when I get back!

How many coins for a MN? What does it cost do you know?

112 coins, right now it costs $23.52~ for a Masternode. I bought 4 of them :D

How hard is it to set up! They say that its and unmanaged coin don't they! From what I have read!

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