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Cryptocurrency Market Dominance

Total market capital:


Total 24 volume:


Active currencies:


Active assets:


Active markets:

Name Market Capital (usd) Volume 24h (usd) Available Supply
Bitcoin 112,089,773,687 3,064,736,581 17,341,837 BTC
Ethereum 20,814,334,621 1,016,752,875 102,801,627 ETH
XRP 18,413,354,439 249,986,586 40,205,513,967 XRP
Bitcoin Cash 7,654,156,628 216,315,983 17,422,725 BCH
EOS 4,866,775,240 277,150,002 906,245,118 EOS
Stellar 4,447,857,386 37,641,390 18,894,758,341 XLM
Litecoin 3,062,053,306 245,440,995 58,883,477 LTC
Tether 1,901,960,675 1,553,372,152 1,926,421,736 USDT
Cardano 1,899,243,376 11,137,124 25,927,070,538 ADA
Monero 1,739,546,974 11,703,690 16,518,241 XMR
Name Price (usd) Change 1h (%) Change 24h (%)
Bitcoin 6,463.55 -0.12 -0.10
Ethereum 202.47 -0.13 0.09
XRP 0.46 -0.17 0.92
Bitcoin Cash 439.32 -0.29 -0.22
EOS 5.37 -0.08 0.09
Stellar 0.24 0.19 -0.36
Litecoin 52.00 -0.27 -0.49
Tether 0.99 -0.19 -0.12
Cardano 0.07 -0.33 -0.51
Monero 105.31 -0.47 -0.60


Rank: 40
Price: $0.80
Volume(24h): $718,735
Market capital: $223,429,023
Available supply: 281,036,090
Total supply: 298,010,184
Percent change (1h): -0.41
Percent change (24h): -1.75
Percent change (7d): -1.56

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