Monero Price Hits New Record High Near $155

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago

After a one month rally Monero price has surpassed $155 mark. As it is a privacy focused coin so it shows that people are more concerned about their privacy. In late October its price was stable around $85 but in November its price started to rise and on 8th November its price crossed the $100

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There was a steady rise in Monero price since two months but its price had not shown a pump however in last few days its price has shown a sudden increase. In only one day Monero price has increased more than 16%. Such a huge gain are due to some upgrades that have reduce the difficulty to use Monero.

As bitcoin price has crossed the $8000 so there was chance that it will increase more rapidly and crypto market will become red this week but due to hacking incident there was a dip in bitcoin price and crypto currencies are again gaining pace.


Going like crazy !!!

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