How to transform your life into a dream

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Meet Joe, he is a freelancer since he started college. He works hard all day and some hours of the night. Joe really needs a platform that joins him with his perfect client, a platform that could guarantee him trust and safety. Blocklancer, the freelancing platform on the blockchain is about to change Joe's life.


Sad Joe: Without knowing about Blocklancer

Beep! Beep! The alarm sounds, it's 7:30 am and I just got my 6 hours of sleep. Like every other day, I prepared my coffee with some cereal. I take a look at the computer to check if my ungrateful client has sent me another depressing message that says how bad my work is. I am a web designer. Right now, my work is to design the website of my customer's new restaurant and I have already given him twelve different designs, but he just won't be happy. At the evening after doing my daily work, I took a small walk around the block. Meanwhile, I was searching for an interesting audio book. And I noticed a little advertisement that said: Blocklancer, freelance on the Blockchain. That moment changed my life.

Happy Joe: Knowing about Blocklancer

1 Week later:

Ding! Ding! I checked the notification on my new iPhone that I bought recently:

Hey Joe! I've checked your profile on Blocklancer, looks interesting. I need help removing an RSS Feed from my Website... I'll give you 1 Ether for it, I'm sending you the Smart Contract.

Amazing! - I thought. Another $340 for 10 minutes of work. Blocklancer has changed my life. Finally, I accomplished my dream: Working 4 hours a week from the Caribbean Islands.



You don't have to live working all day and nearly for free. You'd like a four hours a week job and working from where you always dreamed? On Blocklancer you work for what you deserve, and from where you want. Visit and join our community!

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