Cryptocurrency News 22/08/17

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How the market develops in the past days. Cryptocurrencies are still new for Society, that is why I'm showing here the most recent events for new investors.



Bitcoin keeps falling slightly, a lot of people are scared because of Segregated Witness, the possible fork. This money usually flows into Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin.


Shooting up from $280 to over $300, this is because investors believe in the metropolis hard fork. This update will include the zk-SNARKs, which are zero knowledge proofs.

Bitcoin Cash

Reached its all time high recently due it is more profitable to mine than classic Bitcoin. Investors make a lot of profit but they feel insecure so they sell to safely deposit their profit. That is how Bitcoin Cash falls again to $600 but it is slowly going up again.


A lot of money from Bitcoin is flowing into Litecoin. Litecoin could be a safe investment if that is what you are looking for. This money from Bitcoin comes because some big investors don't feel safe with the SegWit upgrade.


Neo dips from over the $40s into the $30s. early investors are happy with their immense profit and secure their money. Now it is taking a lift again near the $40s.


Those are the news of the week, I hope I have been helpful. Thanks for reading, Follow my account to stay informed!

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