India to Launch Own Cryptocurrency: The Lakshmi Coin

in #cryptocurrency6 years ago (edited)

Real world adoption for cryptocurrency is just getting started.

Even with China hesitation, the rest of the world is still pushing forward with adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In June Vladimir Putin endorsed Ethereum after meeting Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum Founder). Today the Economic Times is reporting that the Reserve Bank of India is looking at releasing it's own cryptocurrency.

Details are still slim, but it looks like RBI is strongly considering launching a fork of Bitcoin named the Lakshmi coin, after the Hindu goddess of wealth.

Read more here.



Well that's cool. I did not know the name of that goddess. Thanks for sharing, man! And welcome!

Pssshhhh... I started posting on here a month before you did! Sure, I haven't posted since.... :) I'm still an avid reader though.

You should post more ;)

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