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Neox creates cards for #cryptocurrency users that will greatly facilitate payment for goods and services on the Internet so there will be no need for multiple conversions from one cryptocurrency to fiat currencies. Transactions will be carried out in real time and it will be one transaction with one commission. Such a process will significantly reduce the time spent and the costs of commissions when using the Neox card in everyday life.

#neox aims to make the use of cryptocurrencies in people's daily lives not only simple but also enjoyable, as is the case with Fiat currencies.

#neoxcard implements many functions that will draw people's attention and hate them to use cryptocurrencies. Through the Neox application, users will be able to order both virtual and physical debit cards for their needs. For their safe use, the user will be able to block and unblock cards in the application.

Types of cards

Each investor will receive a free standard Neox card, the first 3000 investors who invest $ 500 will receive a limited Neox card. There will also be a gold and platinum version that will provide additional benefits.


Wallet App

A lot of attention has been paid to the creation of the Wallet App to ensure the safety of funds and create an intuitive wallet for users. The app will be available on Android and IOS.

Cryptocurrency exchange will always be available as an internal exchange will be integrated into the Wallet App.


Application functions:

  • Sending and receiving funds.
  • Payment for goods and services.
  • Viewing transaction history.
  • Security functions, card blocking.

The payment process for the user is greatly simplified when using a Neox card, since there is no need to convert cryptocurrency to fiat before that, and the application itself performs these operations.


NEX token



Token Distribution


Token Discount Stages

  • #ico - NEX Token Price [FIRST STAGE]
    $0.10 + 30% Bonus
    From 2021-08-27 18:00 -> to 2021-09-27 18:00
  • #ico - NEX Token Price [SECOND STAGE]
    $0.10 + 20% Bonus
    From 2021-09-27 18:00 -> to 2021-10-27 18:00
  • #ico - NEX Token Price [THIRD STAGE]
    $0.10 + 15% Bonus
    From 2021-10-27 18:00 -> to 2021-11-27 18:00
  • #ico - NEX Token Price [LAST STAGE]
    $0.10 + 10% Bonus
    From 2021-11-27 18:00 -> to 2021-12-27 18:00

Benefits of using the Neox card


Distribution of dividends

All holders of Neox tokens #nex will receive a dividend, the distribution will take place quarterly through a smart contract. This is allocated 50% of Neox's net quarterly earnings, net of costs and commissions.

Also, 20% of the profit will be directed to reinvestment in NEX tokens, and 5% will be used to dig up the NEX token and burn it, which will ensure an increase in its value and liquidity.


2021 1/2-Q
Sample of the NEOX card
Landing page finish

2021 3-Q
Start of marketing campaigns on Token Sale
Token Sale Started

2021 4-Q
Token Sale End

2022 1-Q
List on an Exchange

2022 2-Q
Shipment of payment cards to Customers
iOS and WebAPP launch

2022 3-Q
License for credits

2022 4-Q
Profit share distribution to all token holders & support for the most important crypto currencies
Support for the most important crypto currencies

The ideas put into Neox will ensure the successful development of the project in the future and will help attract interested cryptocurrency users who need such functions in their daily life. Seeing how the world of cryptocurrencies is developing rapidly, it can be assumed that the need for such a functional will be in great demand.

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