how the DMarket project turns virtual things into real things

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Last year became one of the most profitable for the gaming industry - the total market volume was $ 100 billion and shows active growth. According to experts' forecasts, by 2020 this figure will exceed $ 150 billion.

To date, about 2.3 billion people worldwide are playing video games on various platforms and devices. The time spent in virtual reality brings them not only experience, but also various assets - powerful armor, magic crystals or a rare sword. The cost of especially rare and exclusive items can easily reach up to several thousand dollars.

But only a few thousand professional gamers can effectively monetize the time spent in the game. To date, only 6% of gamers can turn virtual games into real money. About 94% of players are deprived of this privilege, which is more than 2 billion people. At the same time, the turnover of the in-game items market is $ 4 billion.

One can only imagine how much such a market could have achieved if all gamers in the world, regardless of the gaming platform and genre preferences, had access to a convenient, fast and safe platform for the acquisition, sale and exchange of game assets.

Successful IT-businessman with a gamer background Vladimir Panchenko - the founder of the second in the world in terms of sales platform for trading in virtual objects Skins.Cash - proposed a specific solution that can solve key problems of the industry and, perhaps, radically change it.

How virtual becomes real

So far, the development of the in-game items market has been hampered by several reasons. The first is technological. Each transaction in this area requires instant synchronization of hundreds of thousands of game and publishing databases. The second reason is the lack of security guarantees. Such operations involve the participation of an intermediary who can intervene at any time in the trading process and even completely block it. The number of unfair transactions on individual trading floors reaches 80%. Another serious problem is that virtual items are associated exclusively with "native" games. Simple and easy, and even safer, way to exchange a knife from CS: GO to a courier from Dota2 does not exist.

The first working marketplace on the blockbuster DMarket plans to solve all these problems and to present to the global game community the opportunity to become real and full owners of the acquired virtual assets. Getting on the blockade DMarket, the items are "secured" for their owner - just like bitcoins or Ethereum in their personal wallet. These assets can no longer be appropriated or groundlessly blocked. Using the internal currency of the marketplace - DMarket tokens - any of these items can be easily sold, bought or exchanged, regardless of the game or the gaming platform. Thus, over 2 billion people will be able to become founders and participants in a new sector of the global economy with a potential turnover of $ 450 billion.

And it's not a distant perspective: DMarket has already released a demo version of its platform and testet, thus becoming the first and only gaming block-project, which presented a real prototype of the product. Now everyone can go to, register a personal account, buy or sell test content, and see how Blockchain Explorer works, which will store information about every transaction made on the platform.

The marketers will be able to conduct real trading transactions in the first quarter of 2018, when the MVP of the marketplace with connected games will be launched, including the work of publishers such as GSC Game World (STALKER and Cossacs series), 4A Games (ARKTIKA.1, Metro Exotus, Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light), Tatem Games (Carnivores, Vivesector, Cryostasis) and KISS Ltd. (Pixel Puzzles Ultimate, The Culling Of The Cows, Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi and others).

Features of tokensail DMarket

The project has already attracted a lot of attention: in the first stage of the ICO, about $ 11 million was collected in just four days.

The approach of the creators of DMarket to the token is interesting in that there are no discounts on the pre-sale for large investors. The team of Vladimir Panchenko basically refused the widespread practice, when ICO-projects distribute generous discounts up to 90% for wholesalers, and then they try to cover expenses at the expense of the participants of the crowdsdale.

It should be noted that DMarket allocates 85% of tokens for sale, 15% reserves for further product development and for consultants and project partners. This is especially noticeable against the background of other projects, which often "give" 30-50% of tokens to investors. In fact, to control the market and, accordingly, investors, 20% are enough.

Support the project and become part of a new global economy by joining the token. At the moment, pre-sale of DMarket tokens takes place, at which the minimum transaction is 166.67 ETH. On November 14, Crookedge DMarket will begin. The exchange rate for both the presale and the crowdsdale is 750 DMarket tokens, and the minimum transaction is 0.1 ETH.

To participate in the final phase of sales of DMarket tokens or to get more information about the marketplace, you can visit the project website.

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