Developers Trezor presented a new version of the software Bridge

in cryptocurrency •  last year 

Developers of the Trezor hardware purse presented a new version of the Bridge software that provides a connection between the Internet browser and the purse itself. According to them, Bridge application was rewritten from scratch on the basis of modernized program code, which will make the connection "faster, safer and more reliable".

Updates are being introduced as part of the gradual transition of the service from Google Chrome extensions to full-fledged software. Existing users can still use the browser extension or the previous version of Bridge. At this stage, the transition to new software will be carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis.

New users will be offered two options - to install a new version of Bridge or the extension of Google Chrome, but in Trezor recommend the first option. As soon as the transition becomes mandatory, all users will be notified.

In the coming weeks, the next stage of the process will begin: in the new version of the Trezor Wallet software, the option of expanding Google Chrome will be absent. Only those who installed it earlier can use it, however Trezor will continue to remind such users about the possibility of installing the Bridge software.

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