[ABP NETWORK - TV BOX] The cryptocurrency that will introduce the Blockchain to TV.

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ABP Network is essentially a television channel driven by the decisions that people make in Blockchain.

Traditional television networks are centralized and decide what content they want to transmit, but with the content of PBL will be proposed by potential producers and voted for by a governance system using masternodes.

This will entrust consumers and viewers with power over the content they want to see produced and broadcast on the channel, while a governance fund will be attributed to the selected proposals.

It uses a customized Stake Test protocol to secure your network and uses an innovative variable reward mechanism that dynamically balances 70% of its reward size from block to masternodes, 10% to stakeout nodes, 15% to budget proposals and 5 % to developments. The objective of ABP is to achieve a decentralization of film financing and create an ecosystem governed by initial video offers and masternode governance.


  • Anonymous transactions with the Zerocoin protocol.
  • Fast transactions with guaranteed zero confirmation transactions, we call it FastTX.
  • Decentralized voting of blockchain using Masternodes for project proposals, which are financed by the government. The blockchain will distribute the governance funds based on successful proposals presented by the community and voted by the holders of the masternode.

Personally I thought that the projects that used MasterNode (MN) technology, were not so good in comparison to others. But I've learned that only unsupported projects and an industry that supports them fail. That's why I see a lot of future in ABP, since I'm sure it will change the way we watch TV.

Also your MasterNode are being undervalued at this time, because they are selling at approximately 0.4 - 0.45 BTC, ie 1,000 ABP = 0.4 BTC. I think without a doubt it is one of the best projects to invest since when going to the market I am more than sure that each MN will exceed $ 8,000. The MasterNode instruments are currently being sold and it is expected that in 1 or 2 months it will be in the air.

Frequent questions

Can I watch the channel from the Internet?

  • Yes, the channel will be available through our platform, which will start as a WebTV.

Can I launch a masternode from my set-top box at home?

  • Yes, any project will be considered on the platform and, with a favorable vote, it will be financed.

Does the ABP content only focus on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain information?

  • No, the content of ABP will cover a variety of different genres and types of video productions such as sporting events, artistic performances, major film production and television series. In addition, proposals can be based on any possible type as the audience decides the content they want to see.

Is this a paid Youtube channel?

  • No, ABP is not a paid service. The content is voted by masternode holders and financed through a governance fund provided by Blockchain.

¿How to buy ABP?

To buy any amount of PBL you should speak directly with one of the owners of the project, I personally suggest that they speak for Discord where they are active most of the day.

Your IDs are:

  • ABP automake#3746
  • ABP brewmaster#0177
  • ABP blocklord#2715

Official links of ABP:

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