• At Syndicate we HOLD and accumulate coins as a community
  • The HOLDERS are reffered to as our STRONG ARM Community
  • They will never sell coins no matter what because thy can make more money by accumulating and holding the coins
  • They make money buy staking coins for a 50% return
  • They also make money by setting up a masternode (5000 coins required) which will mine coins for them (20-40 coins a day)
  • They can choose to sell the coins but our STRONG ARM Community will just hold the coins, decreasing supply and increasing demand
  • The basic fundamentals of economics is decreasing supply and increasing demand
  • This approach will allow us to increase the price of SYNDICATE
  • Therefore, it makes no sense to dump the coins, only to sell small amounts when we have decreased supply and increased demand
  • We are working as a community to build a strong foundation for Syndicate with our Devs, marketing team, and STRONG ARM Community
  • Syndicate only has a supply of 11,268,860 coins
  • Our Community Currently owns a total supply of 10%
  • The more coins our STRONG ARM community owns the more protection we have as a community from the price getting dumped
  • At this point, we do not know how far this experiment can go but if you want to participate, we only ask you to buy the coin and HODL. Our goal is to HODL until the coin reaches $100 and at this rate, it doesn’t seem impossible. This could be the biggest HODL movement in cryptocurrency history and you could be a part of it.



Syndicate, also known as SYNX, is a master-node coin that offers a Business Management System(BMS) to connect businesses with their customers. Syndicate aims for nothing less than the par.


Syndicate is a coin with lots of potential. Some of the great strengths of this coin are listed below:

  • Syndicate aims to develop revolutionary new ways to help business operate on a great scale.
  • Syndicate has a big and passionate community working together with developers.
  • Syndicate offers master-nodes for every 5000 coins you own, giving you a return of 50% of POS coins.
  • Syndicate only has a supply of 11,268,860 coins.
  • Syndicate is already available for trading on Bittrex and other smaller exchanges.


The Syndicate blockchain offers great specifications:

Ticker: SYNX
Mode: X11 POW (ENDED) / POS
Mode - Acive: Full POS
Block time: 60 Seconds
Block Maturity: 100 Blocks
Minimum Stake age: 3 Hours
POS Block Reward: 10 SYNX
Masernode Reward: 50% of POS
Masernode Collateral: 5000 SYNX
Difficulty Retarget: Every Block
Port: 22348
RPC Port: 9999


The development team is working hard on getting the new versions of the wallets ready. The community is working hard to create easy step-by-step documents to set up your masternode. The official website of Syndicate will be updated soon, with new roadmaps for future plans and different languages for full worldwide reach. Also there are plans to be listed on other big exchanges like Poloniex.


By now the community is already mentioned a couple of times before. Everyone in this community believes strongly in Syndicate and all are working hard to make it grow big. Plans are to get Syndicate in the Coinmarketcap top 20 of coins. The community is shooting for the stars and you can be a part of it. Don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime!

Join our Slack group to get started:


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looks very interesting. how is this not a pump and dump coin?? chaincoin scares me . you getting a decent return for staking ?


Yes we are getting 40-70 synx per day on a masternode of 5000 SYNX. ITS GREAT RETURN. AND SYNX IS GONNA BURST VERY SOON. VERY STRONG COMMUNITY

I bought in 200 Coins as a start will be looking to setup a masternode when I get 5000 Coins. Cheers Nice Post man.

Looks like a copy of the CHC movement


And they have bounced back today 80%


It's an each one teach one movement, no idea is original and great ideas stick around forever!

looks like MN coins are starting to being a thing now. Well, i couldn't get on the CHC train and i think its too late for me now. But i think syndicate is at its early stages towards boom and boy when it follows CHC, its gonna be a blast.


this is not too late - in the past 3 hours there have benn 100% rise - from 7k satoshi to 14k satoshi :)

Great Post! - Only SYNX HODLers reach Valhalla!!!

I have a similar post at https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@darrenrobinson/syndicate-synx-why-we-hodl

It shows a good image of the MN payout based on how many MNs you have.