the best bounty 10$ per day

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago

Now active Liqnet and LevelNext
Participate and earn tokens
Jury Online came and is already traded on HitBtc

Not yet a very raspiarenny project, it's a platform for holding a bounty, like BountyHive or BountyHunter. There are already completed projects and some already on the stock exchange. I counted and at today's rate for repost, which you can do every day, and in each project for 2, ie, Twitter and Facebook you get $ 10

You get 3 projects * 2 reposts * 10 $ * 30 days = 1800 $: moneybag: Of course, this amount will be very rare, but still, who prevents spending 10 minutes a day on it?

Everything is simple, you argue, in the settings you specify a purse, tie up the akki and perform tasks from 3 bounties. On the right in each sub-company, everything will be written. Immediately the shoots, which will then be transferred to the tokens, for media activity you get there almost 1 ETH for the vidos on the channel of 100+ subscribers, good luck

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this seems to good to be true


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