Im pretty sure the banks are freaking out.


A couple of months ago they Froze my account twice in a matter of a week after I had wired funds to a cryptocurrency exchange. I chalked that up to security measures, or so the person on the telephone said. I guess?? Has this happened to anyone?

And then, I have a friend that works at a major bank branch here in Vancouver who said that a couple of weeks ago they shut the bank down to strategize on how they were going to deal with cryptocurrency. He said that in the 11 years he had worked there he has never witnessed the entire bank shut down for a day in the middle of the week. None the less a meeting that included all the big boys at the top.

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The Banks are being forced to intigrate with Blockchain Technology, either they move forward or they will get left behind. They definitely don't like cryptocurrencies because they threaten their relevancy and their fractional reserve banking system.


It seems as though they are hitting the panic button. I love how they say they are just trialing these programs, for example, the RBC Rewards program blockchain trial. I can see these types of programs easily becoming their very own currency that you can trade fiat and other cryptos for.


They are panicking because they don't have control over cryptocurrencies yet, I hope Altcoins stay decentralized. Let the people keep the control as the fiat goes up in flames!