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The way I've been looking at the current landscape is: Bitcoin is the reserve, gold-like currency. Based on what I've read and podcasts I've listened to, Ethereum is the go to crypto for businesses across the world that are adopting blockchain in their companies, so that is one reason I'm bullish. Litecoin, I believe, is what Bitcoin cash is trying to be, and I think Litecoin will win that battle. I believe the name "Bitcoin Cash" will be their downfall. It is too confusing for average consumers in my opinion.

I'm also optimistic on Ripple because of the high profile supporters they have as well as their partnerships.

Civic is one of my favorite projects too. Since the Equifax hack, it has become clear that our current system is unsustainable. I think the idea of using your mobile device as a "key" to access your accounts is such a good idea, rather than relying on a patchwork of crazy long passwords.