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CatoCoin - an innovation of cryptocurrency project that offering guaranteed ROI with its masternode collateral requirements and rewards calculation by the NextGen Technology. The current masternode collateral is 3850 CATO and available on CryptoBridge.

What is CatoCoin?

CatoCoin is a groundbreaking masternode project that is transforming the rewards and collateral system through the NextGenTechnology. It aims to solve several problems that identified in conventional Masternode coins fundamental problems.


Why is CATO a great investment?

Everyone loves passive income but lately, most masternode projects were died for dumping the price because of its high rewards for early investors, and those who join later rarely seen profits. However, the good news is CATO masternode is different from these projects. it has a built-in algorithm to increase masternode collateral requirements for new MN as it grows in node count. This way, it will help to hold the demand of CATO upward and the price volatility will reduce. Additionally, it will help to lock more CATO in the masternode, so there will be fewer coins in actual circulation. This method ensures the value of CATO masternode for long years or perhaps forever. Eventually, CATOcoin is the only masternode coin that guarantees investors return on investment(ROI) today as well as in the future.

Now the question may come in your mind is:

Why the hell is important to control coin supply?

In simple, it is essential to hold the actual value of the coin and it helps remain the price roughly the same for months and years. If maximum coins are locked in masternode, then there will be higher demand in the market, which should essentially increase the price.

CATOcoin Specification

Coin Type: POS/MN
Algo: Xevan
Block Time: 60 seconds
Total Coin Supply: 42,000,000
Masternode Collateral: Varies for every 30 new MN
Reward Split: 30% POS, 70% Masternode
Pre-mine: 400,000
Pre-mine % 0.98% only
Staking maturity: 200 confirmations

CATO masternode

CATO is an exclusive masternode project with a guaranteed profit for investors becasue they maintain a reasonable ROI long-term and adjust the collateral for new masternodes where existing masternode still remain the same. The reward increase based on how many masternode are running to adjust the fair reward for everyone. So, in CATO project, there is no one who can say taking advantage from rewards as an early adopter.

At the time of writing, the collateral is 3,850 CATO which costs roughly 0.09856 BTC in CryptoBridge exchange. With over 60% coins locked and roughly 400% annual ROI make CATO a lucrative investment opportunity for them who believes in long-term investment.

Catocoin Listed on

Due to the high demand of CATO coin and with over 230 masternode running, the trade volume is fairly good. So, CATO has been listed on

KYD Verified

One of the major elements of masternode success is being trusted with investors. If the community does not trust the developer or the project, it will never be sustained. And the first step to build a strong trusted edge is not working as an anonymous asshole. the "KYD - Know Your Developer" is a trusted platform that signs and build trust between developers and investors, and now CATOcoin is verified by the KYD.
This is a huge support to consider investing in this project.

Trading CATO

CATO coin is listed in major exchanges like Crypto-Bridge and Coinexchange and the trade volume is quite decent considering the current beat market.


The revolution of Cato has just begun, as the roadmap shows many more upcoming features which will definitely add value to this project. Assuming the actual value and use-case of the project, I can say the masternode is still cheap in price. So, if you are not getting one for yourself today, you'll never be able to buy one later.

Cato coin official links


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