Easily Monitor and Calculate Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates

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Hello my friends. After a few days break I thought I should share something useful with you. I'm sure that 99% of the steem community are interested and aware about cryptocurrencies because steem is also a cryptocurrency. If you are truly into cryptocurrencies you always want to check the exchange rates and you always want to know the market value of these coins you have. To get this information you have to visit sites like coingecko.com. That was what I used to do. 

Humans are lazy creatures right. ;) We always want easy methods to get our job done. I was so lazy to visit coingecko always. I looked for a tool to get these exchange rates and a calculator so that I wouldn't have to visit the site anymore. Gladly I found what I wanted and now I am sharing it with you.

This is an extension for your Chrome Browser. Forgive me if you don't use chrome and use any other browsers. I only use chrome so I don't know that other browsers also have this extension.

Okay first you need to visit Chrome Webstore. Then type Cryptocurrency exchange rates & calculator in the search bar and hit enter. Select the extension below form the search results and hit Add to chrome.

That's it. Now you can customize the extension with the cryptocurrencies you want to monitor and now you are just one click away from getting the information you need. Now you don't have to visit any websites to check the exchange rates. 

Do you like it? Let me know what you think. If you think this is useful please resteem this post so more people will be able to use it. 

If you have any questions adding it to chrome leave it in a comment and I will help you in any way I can. Don't forget to follow my blog for more tips and tricks. Cheers.

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