First Vlog, first Bitcoin ASIC mining rig and first half-good news from Iran after a market slump!

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Fellow Steemians, what's up?

Some couple of days ago, Iran's Council of Cyberspace announced that the government is gonna recognize cryptocurrency mining as an industry. Here's the good news from and that after a market slump! Though the announcement carried a bad news as well, which says they're using crypto to bypass sanctions.

Although the statement is not saying that they're totally ok with crypto-verse or if they have plans to pave the ways for miners; Just hope they're not making another profitable monopoly for themselves! The Council, Firouzabadi added that the government will clarify legislation details later by the end of this solar month.

A friend of mine, who I call BOB, had called me the very same day the announcement had come out, asking me to join him to set up his first Antminer S9 ASIC rig and I had refused cuz I had tons of other shitty things to do! By noon he sent me the announcement video on Whatsapp and convinced me to join him set his 22 new S9s up.

Down here is the video I made out of this small journey. Sorry if the quality is not that good, I was quite short on equipment. I added my sound clip to the half of the video and left the rest to be original. Hope you enjoy.

Bob had rent a 50 square meter facility in an industrial park, with 3 phase electricity, each phase capable of providing 50 Amps But with no proper interior cabling. Bob had left 3 S9s with an air conditioner working for last 48 hour to test the power capability of only 1 phase, which had ended up heating up the supplying cord of the main facility input cable a little bit.

After we did enough math and realized we need a better place and configuration, Bob decided to look for a place in some colder areas around the town to move the rig, we also planned to order an electrical panel and a better cable. In order to find proper configuration more accurately, we add 6 more to the working 3 S9s. 3 ASICs were drawing 22 Amps, which considering the normal 6.5 Amps for each S9, it was way too high and was just because of bad cabling and improper cable connections.

I wanted to record the whole building process, but unfortunately, we had not enough light in the building when we began to work, also there were other difficulties like low camera storage space and no backup battery, also no tripod! But I can assure you that I will film the whole moving and reassembling process. Additionally, I will also film and post whatever I find interesting about these miners more, in further posts.

Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to follow :D

love you all.


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