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This post summarizes the Zeepin whitepaper (as of v1.06, 26 Dec 2017 publication) and evaluates the project based on a number of criteria listed below. The details here do not constitute any investment recommendations and is purely for informational purposes. Subscribe below or follow me on Twitter for more of this.


Zeepin is a digital asset rights platform for the creative industry. The platform focuses on the entire lifecycle of creative assets — from digitization to utilization to compensation. While sparse on technical details, the project has two huge factors going for it: Onchain and NEO partnership, and the Arting365 community. It also doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful website and YouTube intro videos (as expected from a creatives project!).

Zeepin is another key piece in the NEO smart economy, focusing on digital asset rights and usage. Expensive valuation at $109.2M USD implied market cap.


CriteriaScore /10

Important Dates:

  • 16 Jan 2018: KYC closes
  • 18 Jan 2018: Crowdsale begins
  • 29 Jan 2018: Crowdsale ends



Zhu Fei (CEO) — Former CEO of Arting365

Shenbi Xu (CSO) — Former CSO of Arting365. Designing the ZeeRights business procedure

Deep industry knowledge of the creative rights problem, with a built-in community from Arting365


Onchain and NEO — Arguably the most important piece to the entire project as the Onchain Mafia will not let them fail

Arting365 — Community of purportedly 1.2 million designers that would be an instant community of users for Zeepin. SimilarWeb stats

Onchain Mafia.. ‘nuff said.


Zeepin Platform

  • Based on DNAProject (Onchain)
  • Supports multilayered and private blockchains
  • “Credit Score” to encourage positive content and behavior
    • Can be exchanged for Zeepin Token (ZPT)
    • Used to increased “credit rating”
    • All projects evaluated by Zeepin Foundation or third-parties, evaluation compensated in ZPT; projects that do not pass evaluation will not be allowed to execute

Zeepin Chain — Underlying blockchain on NEO platform

ZeeRights — Digitize and record creative assets for copyright and tradability. The core dApp of the entire Zeepin ecosystem.

  • Copyright Pro — Validated certification of ownership
  • Authorization Pro — Transaction authorization and smart contract clauses such as profit distribution

ZeeSure — Asset insurance. Ensure protection of copyright (Q: How to enforce?). Also provides real-world legal consultation (Q: How does this model work?)

  • “Reputation” (or integrity, credibility) impacted by violations of copyright
  • Mechanisms and procedures for reporting and reviewing content infringement; violations subject to account and IP suspension (Note: this sounds like a centralized governing structure)
  • “Credit Score” and ZPT can be locked up or destroyed

ZeeProof — “Zero-knowledge proof” of copyright existence without revealing contents

ZeeCrew — Platform for forming DAOs

Zeepin Name Service — Human-readable name service

Zeepin Token (ZPT)

  • Medium of exchange
  • Vote for improvements to Zeepin Platform and other Zeepin dApps (except there is no technical or legal binding for vote results; end decision entirely up to Zeepin Foundation)
  • Maintain Zeepin Platform (?)

ZeeTalent — Digital identity for each user. Uses external authentication and KYC (eg. TheKey?)

ZeeFund — Crowdfunding for projects, paid in ZPT

Minimal technical details and more a list of dApps and use cases that the Zeepin Platform plans to provide. Tackles a number of different problems but the core product is ZeeRights for digital asset rights and usage.

zeepin dapps


  • 1 billion ZPT
    • 50% crowdsale, 20% community development, 20% team, 10% R&D
  • 500 million ZPT sold in crowdsale
    • Proceeds: 50% development, 20% operations, 15% marketing, 15% Board of Directors and fees
  • Hard cap: 700,000 NEO
    • Update: Hard cap at $42M USD if 1 NEO < $100 USD, or at 420k NEO if 1 NEO > $100 USD
    • At time of writing, NEO is $130 which means hard cap is $54.6M USD
  • 10% inflation starting year two, decreasing inflation thereafter

Hard cap of $54.6M USD means implied MC of $109.2M USD. Expensive for a new project pre-Mainnet.

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