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It was October 2017 when the first i got involved with BITCOIN. I think it was a good experience and learning stage because my first involvement was HYIP mining site Auroramine and LazerOnline. I don't really have yet any idea about crypto. I was just infatuated with the 10% daily profit "easy money LOL 😁". After a few days, their sites are gone.I lost almost 10k.i was just shaking my head and singing "She's gone"😂. That time, the price of Bitcoin is php320,000.00. I just asking my self what if i just stored that btc in my btc wallet until BTC reached 1million pesos. I also invited some of my friends who invested in the Platform and that is the worst thing i do.

I also participated ICO's Electronium,GoldReward token, Elektra coins. ETN is my first ICO participation. I bought only 1300 ETN worth 600Php because my funds was scammed by the hype site i had mentioned above. I sold it 3php and that is 6x profit.

I offered Corpo funds to participate ICO to my office mates Jovelyn Orpilla and Michelle baloran. They contributed 1k each and i contributed 2k. They trust me where to invest and I participated Elektra coin and Gold reward token. And again Elektra coin is gone . GRX hits 8$/GRX last dec.2017 but i didnt sell, holding the thoughts that it will become like Bitconnect. $400/BCC that time.

After all Lending platform get slaughtered, i just watching the value falling down, the value of GRX now is php1.00 again i'm shaking my head and singing "She's Gone"😂. Until now. I have some ICO's participation, waiting to be listed in exchangers.

Last week of October when i meet sir @Otom who run a small group of trader and he joined me on their group "Crypto Enthusiast. At that time, the group was busy on fauceting topics, all free, as sir @otom said that all of his asset in crypto start from free fauceting since 2013.

Then i start collecting free coins at and coinpot such as Btc,ltc,eth,doge,dash, i converted it in to doge then withdrew to @ankarlie is one of who patiently teached me.I started 300doge in "scalping" at coinexchange and i make it 5kdoge in 2weeks. Third week of December when i sold ETN at Cryptopia then i transfer the funds to exchange.

Tips: Do not use Btc for sending from market to market. Rather use dgb,ltc,eth,doge,sbd

It was a great timing. The price of KCS that time is just $.50 . I bought 80 kcs,rpx,lend. After few weeks kcs hits 20$ each. Wow. Huge profits. Thats the time Bitcoin reached php1 million. I withdrew 10k and deversified some funds from kcs to yobit and cryptopia.

I had learned a lot from our group Crypto Enthusiast. The group was formed for sharing everyone's knowledge about cryptocurency. We have @universalbytes and @chichirya who's great in technichal analysis, @darstar133 master in Candle indicator, @patchie02,@ankarlie,@onlineworker,@ra-moon-ra, @joanpablo master in scalping and always updated on latest free airdrop tokens.

Nowadays, we in the group are busy collecting free airdrop tokens. Yes, we are addict in FREE. Just collect and collect until it will have a value. Sir @otom always say "Do not put your hard earnings in crypto, but if you can, invest only what you can afford to lose".

Cryptocurrency is very volatile so better go start free.

As i wrote above. I had collected Corpo funds for ICO's but sadly i scammed and my grx get slauhtered😂. I replaced it from my airdrop collections and stored in one exchanger.

I always do scalping to multiply the units of my holdings regardless of bitcoin price.
I also love shitcoins for scalping. I dont have any creative strategy to share on trading. I just doing the very basic buy low sell high. But watch first the price movement of any coin or token you want to trade before you enter into the game.

That's all steemians. Im not that good trader enough to mentor newbies in crypto. But im here to say that expirience is alway better a teacher so you better try before you learn.



And also do not invest on things you don't know...but you must not limit yourself to just one. Diversify everything!

Great crypto journey bro
Keep it up


Hello there! Thank you for joining the crypto awareness contest. I love the final words, "experience is the best teacher". Better try before you learn.
Indeed true.

Nicely related here @aerhielle about your journey in the crypto world. Thank you for sharing your entry.

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